What You Need To Know About Eyeliner Tattooing: the Keys For Lasting Longer

Cosmetic tattooing has been a trend for not only saving you much time on putting makeup but making you look good even without makeup. However, the aftercare is of great importance or the colour fades away soon. What’s worse is getting infection!

Nail Trend- Pantone Greenery

Girls, say goodbye to rose quartz and serenity, and say hi to Pantone greenery! The reason to choose green as the color of 2017 is because while living in a hustle and bustle modern life, green is the colors that can make us feel energetic again and connect ourselves with the natural world.

Nail Trend- Minimalism French Manicure –StyleUp

Girls, StyleUp and Hestia Nails will introduce the latest 2017 Spiring and Summer nail trend to our readers. Hestia Nails offers manicure, pedicure and fashionable gel nail services, which attract many nail lovers.
The nail trend for 2017 is still the elegant and natural “French Manicure,” with line pattern and minimalism style on your nails.

Nail Trend- Metallic Style French Manicure -StyleUp

Metallic and mirror nail might be a new trend for girls, for this issue, Hestia Nails from Taiwan will show StyleUp readers a brand new metallic style gel nail. Tips of metallic gel nail: Layers and lines!

Fall Nail Trend- Nude Gel Nail

Instead of summer’s glittering and eye-catching’s nails, fall’s nail should be elegant and simple. Hence, the nude shades nail will be your first choice for this fall. How to present a low-key but high quality gel nails? Here are some nail inspirations chosen by our editor from Pinterest.








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