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5 Best Lip Primers That Makes Your Lips Irresistible

很少人會記得在上唇妝前上打底唇膏。其實使用妝前打底唇膏非常重要!一支好的護唇底膏可以滋潤保養雙唇,改善唇色身、乾燥唇的問題,更棒的是還能幫助唇膏定色,讓唇彩效果更飽和完美!誰不想擁有一個讓男友忍不住想「啵」下去的美唇呢?Makeup primer is well-known while lip primer is unfamiliar to people. It’s quite important to put on lip primer to keep the color from dark, dry or lined lips. A good lip primer can not only moisturize lips but also keep the color in place and even make the color pop. Who doesn’t want a perfect pair of lips that makes boyfriend go wild? Here we show you the lip primers you must have!

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The Classic Colours For BFF Wedding Dress!

相信每個女孩都有個婚紗夢吧!大概是小編年紀逐漸增長,越來越嚮往可以穿上婚紗的那一天,但現在要找個對象結婚倒是不太可能啦!如果跟小編有一樣想法的女孩,與閨蜜一起拍婚紗絕對是你的首選~I believe that putting on wedding dress is many girls’ dream. For me, I’m looking forward to the day coming. However, it won’t happen anytime soon. Well, if you have the same feeling, it’s a good idea to have wedding dress photography with your BFF!