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如何使用【StyleUp app線上預約設計師】APP? How to use【StyleUp for Consumer 】APP?

如何使用【StyleUp app線上預約設計師】APP? How to use【StyleUp for Consumer 】APP?

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1.Instructions about STYLEUP

Q:Does STYLEUP provides 24 hours service?

A:Yes, this is due to STYLEUP’s reservation system will be operated on the cloud calendar, so there’s no time limit to make a reservation.

Q:How to use STYLEUP?

A:You can sign up on either our website or our APP, then enjoy our reservation service.

2. Features about STYLEUP

Q:Why to use STYLEUP?

A:Everyone is worried about making the wrong decision for styling reservation, therefore, STYLEUP provides a platform not only to recommend stylist but also let our members share their personal styling experience.

Q:How to choose the perfect stylist?

A:STYLEUP can help the customer to find the right stylist by combining their searching keywords, stylist’s work, distance and availability to offer the best suggestion for you.

3. STYLEUP payment

Q:How to pay on STYLEUP?

A:STYLEUP provides online payment service for our customer.

Q:How does the stylist charge?

A:Once you finish entering your requirements, STYLEUP will provide the cost for each service.

4. STYLEUP cancellation process

Q:How to cancel a reservation?

A:You will only need to click the “cancel reservation” button on your account.

Q:Once I cancel the reservation, how to receive my refund?

A:Since the price for every stylist is different, therefore, your refund will base on the stylist charging standard and the time you cancel the reservation.

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