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Regardless of hair styling, makeup, nail, tattoo, embroidery or overall modeling and other beauty services, you can make these reservations on 【StyleUp for Salon, Booking, Scheduling & Management】App, which can help you to  create an entrepreneurial platform. StyleUp help professionals such as designers to strengthen their personal brand, contact with customers immediately, managing personal calendar and become a success in fashion industry. From now on, we will make more customers to see your professional of fashion

Now, you may download【 StyleUp for Salon, Booking, Scheduling&Management】App at IOS APP store, and sign up for opening a store. You can show your works, receive the bookings anytime (24 hours) on the app. We will provide online personal reservation form for you to manage the work effectively.

No matter you are a store owner or you have a personal studio, click on the “store” open a store.

If you are a designer whose store has already registered, click on the “designer”.

Filling in your your name, e-mail, phone, business hours, address and password, and put the store photos to make your customers impressed by your photos. StyleUp system will provide you the “store code”, If your store have a new designer, you can provide this code to him.

StyleUp has already preset every services. You can enter your service names by yourself and click “+” to add it or you can click to cancel the preset services that is not available.

Finally, you will have to set up an bank account for your store because StyleUp adopt the mobile online payment. After set up the bank account, your store is done!

You can use the following functions after you open your store:

On the “Designer” page, click “+” to add the designer information. Give the “store code” to other designers, and they can log into the app.

If your store is the individual store, you still need to fill in the designer information, store code will automatically set by the system.

On the “Home page”, you will see the reservation information for all of the store’s designers. You can select a date above  the reservation form.

Click the blank, time, or “+” to add a customer reservation, record the message, or choose a vacation mode, it is easy for you to manage the schedule on the app. The blue box can be used to view the all the appointment you have.

On the “Customers” page, you can add customer information in order to understand the customer in the future and have the integrity services.

You can view your store information on the “Settings” page and set up a background function yourself to make your booking service more convenient and easier.

How does StyleUp charges?

What is the charging standard for the stores cooperating with StyleUp?

Each transaction of the store, StyleUp will collect 10-15% of the transaction fee.

Customer- How to Make a Payment?

The Customers have paid StyleUp by online payment before they go to stores,

so the store no need to charge the fee.

If the customers unexpectedly cancel the appointment, how to get refund?

StyleUp allows stores to choose among three cancellation policies. if customers cancel within 24 hours before the appointment, StyleUp will not charge the stores and the customers any fee.

Holiday & Vacation

Do you worried about if you get off work, you cannot see the reservation form?

Don’t worry! You will see the reservation form even when you get off work because all the information is on the cloud calendar.

How to contact with the customers?

The customer’s information is on the reservation form.

If you are on holiday or go on a vacation, how to do ?

you can edit the official day off on holiday because all the working is operated by cloud system.

If you want to  take some days off  but worrying about the orders.

You can set a Day off in advance, according to the time or the date.

Other Questions

Manage stores and marketing(FB/IG page)

StyleUp will introduce the store’s  information which can connect the fan pages, websites. We will cooperated with you to know the latest fashion, on the other hand, you can share the fan pages of your shops at Styleup, increase the fan, attract customers want to do go your stores.

Extra money or promotion sale

If you have promotion or other beauty related product, you can also sell at StyleUp.

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