Managing your salon has never been more convenient

Fast & Easy Scheduling

Check clients in, book new ones, find out who’s available, and see what’s coming up with color codes and details on a simple scheduling screen.

Manage Your Staff

Manage rosters, pricing and services on a per stylist basis.

Cloud Sync

Your salon appointment information is safely stored in the cloud and synced with all your registered devices. Manage your salon from anywhere.


StyleUp預約你的潮流時尚 24小時專業美妝造型線上預約平台

StyleUp預約你的潮流時尚 24小時專業美妝造型線上預約平台

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Manage client bookings online, offline, mobile and walk-ins. Check-in and out clients and get a birds eye view of what’s going on from appointments, employee schedules to payment. All in a few taps. No sweat.

Streamline Everything

It’s like having a receptionist work for you 24/7. Keep track of all your customers, send them reminders, birthday greetings, and specials, and take online appointment requests any time.

Our Salon Partners

StyleUp takes care of all the admin work like bookings, keeping track of customer preferences and scheduling. This streamlines my work-flow and allows me to concentrate on what’s important: making my clients happy, beautiful and unequivocally satisfied.

Sam Huang

Founding Makeup Artist , It's Sam

StyleUp has augmented my ability to learn more about my clients’ needs and desires allowing my to communicate clearly with customers as well as manage their schedules. This has overhauled my process and I couldn’t be more thankful for how it has improved not only the customer service experience but also my administrative efficiency.


Executive Hair Stylist, Cubex Salon

My greatest challenge is managing in-store customer service and balancing this with outside modeling artists. It was a guessing game until StyleUp. Ever since Styleup, I have total control over my time management, reservations and client scheduling. It’s a fantastic tool.


Hair Stylist, Flux réel Hair Boutique

I often travel abroad for clients. Shifting ime zones, multiple countries and clients from all corners of the glove can sometimes overwhelm and confuse. To resolve this, it is important to have a precise scheduling strategy and be in total control. With StyleUp I am able to grasp this precision right in the palm of my hands. It is efficient, great for managing time and allows me to focus on my customer’s needs right from the convenience of my iPhone.

Shin Tsai

Freelance MakeUp Artist, ShinTsai Makeup