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Tattoo is no longer a negative impression but a expression of personal style. The hygiene, safety and the after care are crucial. We recommend tattoo shops with professional tattoo artists in Taipei, Taoyuan, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung for you to book directly in StyleUp App!

StyleUp App Provides Complete Profile of Every Tattoo Artist For You To Get To Know Them Fast

Generally, there are many tattoo artists in one tattoo shop and their styles vary. Also, there are individual studios. On the Internet, you can find information about famous shops or self-employed tattooist. By browsing their style, you can filter out the tattoo artist you like.

The consumers can also pay attention to the large tattoo exhibitions like Taipei International Tattoo Art Exhibition.

In StyleUp App, every listed tattoo artist provides detailed profile to help you make the decision.

Collect the positive and negative feedback to avoid preconception

You must search for the feedback for the tattoo artist. Besides checking the stars on Fanpage, you need to evaluate from many aspects such as the environment, techniques, service and hygiene.

However, everyone has different experience, don’t hold preconceived ideas, or you might miss the right tattoo artist!

We provide ratings & reviews on StyleUp App; so you can not only read the reviews for the tattoo artists but also rate and give feedback for who you like.

Browse the Portfolio To Find Out What You Need

We suggest that you check out lots of works of various tattoo artist to decide what style you like.

We provide ratings & reviews on StyleUp App; so you can not only read the reviews for the tattoo artists but also rate and give feedback for who you like.

Visit the Shop & Talk To These Tattoo Designers In Person

Tattoo is eternal on your body so we suggest that you visit the shop in person, instead of just calling, to check if the environment is clean and hygienic.

StyleUp App requires the shop to provide not only contact information but also photos of the environment.

Also, don’t be afraid of asking questions. A good shop answers all your questions from the style, price, hygiene (like how many times they clean and how they deal with the needles) to the after care before you get a tattoo.

StyleUp App helps you choose the tattoo designer suits you the most. You can obtain the information about the location and schedule of the tattoo artist so you can make an appointment immediately. We break the old pattern and make it easier for you to book for styling while having a brand new experience!

Translated by Patricia L.

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