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Here’s the question, why does the designers have to use StyleUp booking app? The influence of the Internet is apparent, while using a small touch screen you can find any information that you wish to know. But do you think this is enough? You can achieve a better career life after using the StyleUp booking websites, whether you are a hair stylist, makeup artist or even a nail and tattoo artist, you just have to sign up on this online salon app to embrace your bright future.


How to become distinctive while everyone all had a Facebook fan page?


If you are an experienced and talented designer, you can set up your own fan page easily and attract many fans. But the point is how to convert your fan likes into real orders, which is very important for every designer.

Burn the candle at both ends- management and fan page marketing

Once all your Facebook’s fans rush to your store and keep calling to make a reservation, you will find yourself struggling with how to manage your time properly. Therefore, an efficient time managing method becomes essential for the designer.

Facebook marketing is not enough

With StyleUp online booking app , you can communicate with your fans.

Don’t let your professional techniques and creativity being limited by your current platform! What you need is to communicate with your customer, and set up an efficient management SOP. “MY STYLEUP Designer Management System” can assist you to promote yourself with a direct, instant and convenient way.


Designer’s cloud studio

Compared with the social media, you can manage your store’s information, upload your best works and let the customer make a reservation on StyleUp’s designer system. We offered a thorough personal reservation list and you can communicate with your clients beforehand and afterwards. Lastly, StyleUp simplified the paying process into online paying method.

StyleUp’s online designer system can help fashion industry’s designer to promote himself or herself and enhance their customer rate.

Translated by Zena Cheng

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