【EROS X StyleUp】細軟髮整理讓Jinwgo老師教你三招

女生細軟髮髮質平常就很容易扁塌了,台灣夏天這種天氣出門不用一個小時就因為汗流浹背、油光滿溢而呈現一種頭髮平貼後腦勺的尷尬情況,StyleUp線上預約設計師特別請到髮型師Jingwo來解救細軟髮質的女生,靠剪髮,燙髮,造型品等整理推薦塑造頭髮蓬鬆豐盈感。Last summer, I went to study abroad in Italy, and it is the first time for me to experience the burning Italian weather. During that time, I feel like I’m the character from the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun,” blazing hot with no shades, indoors without AC all made me feel like I was in Taiwan (my hometown).

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