Author: Chou Alice

The Classic Colours For BFF Wedding Dress!

相信每個女孩都有個婚紗夢吧!大概是小編年紀逐漸增長,越來越嚮往可以穿上婚紗的那一天,但現在要找個對象結婚倒是不太可能啦!如果跟小編有一樣想法的女孩,與閨蜜一起拍婚紗絕對是你的首選~I believe that putting on wedding dress is many girls’ dream. For me, I’m looking forward to the day coming. However, it won’t happen anytime soon. Well, if you have the same feeling, it’s a good idea to have wedding dress photography with your BFF!

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Girls with slicked back hairs is more attractive than boys!

Although slicked back hair is retro, it still never goes out of fashion and it has always been on the cutting edge of fashion. Furthermore, women are fashionable to have short hair recently years. Not only the short hair which the length cut above the ear but also having a slicked back hair like a super star who acts in the movies. We can also find that all fashion stars nowadays having a slicked back hair in magazines or some fashion shows. To become fashionable, you have to slick back your hair.

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What You Need To Know About Eyeliner Tattooing: the Keys For Lasting Longer

Cosmetic tattooing has been a trend for not only saving you much time on putting makeup but making you look good even without makeup. However, the aftercare is of great importance or the colour fades away soon. What’s worse is getting infection!

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