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Discover the True Beauty- Kim Robison Salon

對於髮型設計來說,追求時尚沒有絕對的終點,能夠幾十年來堅守巔峰著實不容易,Kim Robinson做到了。StyleUp這次很榮幸專訪這間國際頂尖髮廊!自八零年代火紅至今,這位澳洲的傳奇設計師,從香港為起點,以高超技巧品味風靡全球

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Singapore- True Eyelash Beauty

Eyebrow tattoo and eyelash extensions are like girls secret tips to become beautiful, therefore, stores in Taiwan, where provide these services had turned into popular among girls. For this issue, StyleUp went to Singapore to interview True Eyelash Beauty, a store that offers a Taiwanese eyebrow tattoo technique for Singaporean.

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Premium Barber: The Classic Barber for Men

為什麼男士油頭能不受流行牽制,總以經典不敗之姿、讓全世界瘋狂?原因很簡單,想要擁有自我風格的男人不在乎流行云云,只希望透過簡單舒服的方式讓自己看起來帥氣。每間別具性格的Barber理髮廳,為的就是完成這樣的夢想,新加坡也不例外,「Premium Barber」結合現代與復古,以最正統的技術打造各地的完美型男。Although men’s hairstyle had varied throughout the years, but slicked back hair has always been regarded as the classic style.
Premium Barber, a Singapore barber shop that combines modern and retro to provide superior service to customers around the world.

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