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I believe that putting on wedding dress is many girls’ dream. For me, I’m looking forward to the day coming. However, it won’t happen anytime soon. Well, if you have the same feeling, it’s a good idea to have wedding dress photography with your BFF!

It’s definitely happy and interesting to have wedding dress photography with your BFF as you can discuss the dress style, colour and even the makeup without making them annoyed! However, the million kinds of style, not to mention the colour, can make you dazzle. Here we are, to help you figure out what colour is must-try!

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1. White Dress

The white dress is a MUST on the list! It gives a sense of angelic purity and innocence of girls.

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The green brings out the cleanness of white dress. The photos of two bffs talking look close while natural, isn’t it?


2. Pink Dress

I believe that girls are more or less a pink lover! Pink is usually girly girls’ favorite! How can we forget pink dress?

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Everyone looks like a princess and is so adorable in pink!


3. Light Yellow Dress

The “baby colours” have been in recently. You can’t miss baby yellow in wedding dress! This cute baby yellow is elegant yet lively. You can be like Belle in Beauty and the Beast in the baby yellow dress! It’s a good choice if you think white and pink are too ordinary.

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4. Blue Dress

Although blue is not a classic colour for wedding dress, men’s suits are often in blue. Why not pick blue to be cool? Especially when blue is a colour that makes your skin appear fairer. You can’t go wrong with blue!

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5. Mix & Match Dress

While the same colour keeps us consistent, different colours can bring out each other’s beauty. Choose some similar shades to look unique yet with a sense of harmony. I pick some ways of mix and match the dress colours for you!

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The pinkish shades, which are easily to match with each other, are your best bet!

Think outside the box! Pick what brings out your characteristic and shoot like a magazine model!

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Are you interested in this BFF wedding dress photography after reading? Before you find the right one for the real wedding photo, why not try it with your BFF first?

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Translated by Patricia L.