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【Singapore Hair Salon Recommend】BLANCO MICHAELA tailor hairstyle design for each customer, providing you a sincere service of“ once-in-a-lifetime chance”

「おもてなし」(omotenashi)is means that Japanese hospitality, which come from the idea of “ once-in-a-lifetime chance”in Japanese tea ceremony. The meaning of this phrase is a passionate, sincere and respectful spirit of service.
Located in Singapore, BLANCO MICHAELA represent Japanese culture and service customer with sincere because they believe that each encounter is unique.

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The Pioneer of Taiwanese Hair Salon- EROS Hair Styling

Eros refers to the god of love, who fired the arrow to others in the Greek mythology. Eros Hair Styling, a hair salon based in Taiwan utilized their techniques to present the perfect look for their customer, just like shot by Cupid’s arrow. As a forerunner in Taiwan’s salon industry, Eros founded in 1988, after more than 20 years, now Eros have 3 branches in Taiwan and plan to open another store in Beijing.

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