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Zodiac Sign- Taurus Makeup Artist Sam’s Sunglasses –StyleUp

You might think makeup artist Sam looks cool and quite, but in fact, he’s humorous and interesting guy. For this issue, StyleUp will introduce Sam’s OOTD to our readers. If you’re a makeup lover, you might be familiar with Sam, who often cooperates with many celebrities as their makeup artist and appears on the TV show, magazine and cosmetic events.

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(補英)國際噴槍彩妝大師李念慈 瘋癲衝出台灣美學力About Makeup artist Nien Tsz Lee story

訪談一開始,我先請李念慈老師簡介自己的學經歷,她在電話的另一頭告訴我,「但我不想活在體制下,我是想靠自己實力的人。」提起念慈老師,享譽國際的專業彩妝師、創立個人品牌「Nien Tsz Lee念慈李專業噴槍彩妝」、創意無極限的色彩藝術家…如山高的稱號你在其他報章雜誌都看得到,但你看不見的,是她堆山所付出的努力。

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