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(未翻英)【十二星座-牡羊男】One Corner設計師Eric戀愛問答-打造女神柔順飄逸髮

超人氣髮型設計師OneCorner Hair的Eric,除了擁有一身扎實功力的髮型技術,帥氣有型的外表也超吸睛,擁有眾多忠實顧客甚至粉絲!在髮型界也是小有名氣!而身為牡羊座的Eric,喜歡什麼類型的女孩呢?快來窺探牡羊男Eric的理想對象條件吧!身為髮型師、也是牡羊座的他,外在第一關卡就是柔順秀髮!毛躁雜亂真的大NG,看看Eric如何用自身愛用產品RF荷那法蕊的美容保養油替女孩們打造女神般的柔順飄逸髮!

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Zodiac Sign- Taurus Makeup Artist Sam’s Sunglasses –StyleUp

You might think makeup artist Sam looks cool and quite, but in fact, he’s humorous and interesting guy. For this issue, StyleUp will introduce Sam’s OOTD to our readers. If you’re a makeup lover, you might be familiar with Sam, who often cooperates with many celebrities as their makeup artist and appears on the TV show, magazine and cosmetic events.

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[The Zodiac Tattoos Collection] Aries

Want a tattoo but have no idea what to ink? The zodiac sign is many people’s choice when it comes to first tattoo. People seldom regret inking their zodiac sign on the body. Join the zodiac sign tattoo club if you don’t have one! Are you an Aries? Come check our choices of tiny tattoos for Aries!

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