4 Nail Polish for Pregnant Women

There are many NO things during pregnancy, however, sometimes I just can’t bear with no nail polish. So for this issue, StyleUp is going to introduce 4 nail polish brands that are all suitable for pregnant women to apply.

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1. jin soon NTD 568 (USD 18.00)

The first brand is JIN SOON, which is found by a Korean, Jin Soon Choi. Choi had crowned by The New York Times Magazine as nail guru, and all her nail polish does not include any toxic chemicals, moreover, she combined high-tech polymers into the nail polish to present a longer wear.

Image from jin soon

2. UNT NTD 199 (USD 6.30)

This made in Taiwan brand with affordable price and frequent promotion has obsessed by numerous customers, and the brand, especially emphasizes all their nail polishes are free of formaldehyde and phthalate esters so even pregnant women can use. UNT can be purchased either from cosmetic stores or convenient shops.

Image from UNT

3. ZOYA NTD 315 (USD 10)

Zoya and her husband, Michael, who is a chemist, found this American brand. All the ZOYA’s products can be applied by pregnant women due to it does not include methylbenzene, camphene, formaldehyde and DBP.

Image from ZOYA

4. Kid Licks NTD 441 (USD 13.99)

Do you remember there’s once an edible nail polish? The reason for this is because KID LICKS’ nail polish were merely made from organic vegetables, for this factor, now they only offer green (made from barley grass), red (made from beets) and orange (made from carrot).

Image from Kid Licks

Lastly, don’t forget to inquire your doctor about whether it is suitable for you to apply nail polish first!

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From Editor Nancy:

I started using nail polish after high school because my dad always said nail polish is poisonous, therefore, I try to find nail polish that can be used for pregnant women to receive permission from my dad.

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Translate by Zena Cheng

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