Japanese Makeup: How to Get a Natural Eyebrow

Airi Kano 




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イブロウは眉頭と眉山と眉尻の3点の位置があります。皆さん個々にその位置を習得できれば、バランスの良いエレガント眉、クールな眉、 ナチュラルな眉、全てのパターンを作ることができます。For this issue, StyleUp invites Airi Kano, who is a Japanese makeup artist to share the tutorial of a having a natural eyebrow. For eyebrows, you can divide them into 3 different sections, which is the start, arch and the end. Once you memorize these parts, you can easily learn how to have suitable, sharp or natural eyebrows.

There is a wide range of eyebrow shapes; western countries prefer higher arched eyebrow and Korean like straight eyebrows. However, how to find an eyebrow shapes that match your face shape is the most important.

Eyebrow Shape: 

The start of your eyebrow should follow a straight line up from your nose to the top of your ears.

Your eyebrow end should follow a straight line up from your nostrils to the end of your eyes.

The start of your eyebrows should be the lowest part of your whole eyebrows.

Arch shape:                                                                                                         Long Face: arch should be forward, which can make your face look shorter.   Round Face: arch should be backward, which can lengthen your face.


Trim your Eyebrows:

While trimming your eyebrows, using a scissor is better than a tweezers, which can prevents affecting your eyebrow shape in the future. But for the stray hairs, tweezers is applicable.

Eyebrow Mascara:

You can choose the brow mascara color, which matches with your hair color, and brown mascara goes well with most people.

To present a natural eyebrow, apply the mascara backward.

Eyebrow Brush:

Lastly, if some part of your brow had too much mascara sticks on them, use the brush to brush over.

Translated by Zena Cheng

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