How to Use a Makeup Sponge Applicator Like a Pro

Bloggers’ favorite brands: Beauty Blender and Flutter. It costs US$20, but it’s worth it!

How to use a makeup sponge applicator step by step:


Wet the sponge to let small amounts of water filled in the pores, which allows the foundation to stay on the surface of the sponge when applying.


Squeeze the excess water out before applying the makeup.


Dab it in the foundation with the rounded side and gently bounce it on your skin.


Use the rounded end for cheeks and forehead, and the pointed end for more detailed area such as under eye, around the nose or mouth.


Roll the sponge along cheeks and forehead to set your makeup.

Check out the video↓ You can apply blush, foundation and even with essential oil!

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Picture and video sources: beautyblender

Translated by Patricia L.

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