【Singapore Hair Salon Recommend】BLANCO MICHAELA tailor hairstyle design for each customer, providing you a sincere service of“ once-in-a-lifetime chance”

Blanco Michaela – ブランコ ミカエラ 

<We aim to create a hair salon where “our customers feel 100% satisfied”. >
In additionally to having highly experienced stylists, we will also implement careful and thorough understanding and propose exquisite services, promising you to deliver Japanese “Omotenashi” style service to all of our customers.

<Our specialty in the water which is chorine
and fluorine free>
This tank removes all traces of chlorine at a rate close to 100%. It comes with a shower head that can be used at home.

「おもてなし」(omotenashi)is means that Japanese hospitality, which come from the idea of  “ once-in-a-lifetime chance”in Japanese tea ceremony. The meaning of this phrase is a passionate, sincere and respectful spirit of service.

Located in Singapore, BLANCO MICHAELA  represent Japanese culture and service customer with sincere because they believe that each encounter is unique.

Japanese Spirt

Customers come first

It is hard to see a salon with such authentic Japanese spirit  in a international country— Singapore. In 2015, BLANCO MICHAELA  is created by the  MT Cosmetics which is  is a Japanese cosmetic brand and the beauty salon chain Samson Group. All of the  stylists in BLANCO MICHAELA are from Japan and have highly advanced techniques, in addition, they will not treat the customers with some superficial gimmicks because of that all stylists has credible skills and long experience more than 10 years.

Based on the customer-oriented approach, they treat the customers with Japanese haircut techniques which care even about the small details(almost critical). Besides, they have unique counseling method, creating the hairstyle the customers wish for. Furthermore, they focus on customers’ hair matters, such as bounce, dryness, greasiness and smell, treating them by fundamentally improving the surrounding environment the hair and scalps which make the hair healthy and beautiful.They also created the hair-care brand “MICHAELA PHARMATICA” at the same time which is dedicated for anti-aging care, which treats damaged hair due to aging.

High-requirement on environment and the water

Special Haircut Area for Children

BLANCO MICHAELA is only about a 5-minute walk from Clarke Quay MRT Station and it is not far from the Liang Court shopping mall, so it is very convenient to have a haircut no matter you are on the way to work or shopping. The first impression when you walk into BLANCO MICHAELA is clean, bright, and spotlessly, I was impressed by the Japanese high-requirement of environment.

In BLANCO MICHAELA, they provide the services of hair and scalp care spa with their profession, even the most tiny point shows the spirit of “おもてなし”.  They require high standard on not only the environment but also the water — BLANCO MICHAELA is the first beauty salon in Singapore to install a water purification device, they use purified running water to filter and eliminating hazardous substances that damage the hair. They also consider the customers may bring their children, so the salon is also equipped with a kids’ room which stocked with picture books, DVDs, and toys. The customers also can take advantage of  Kid’s Cut service to get a new look with their children.

It is very easy and convenient for people to enjoy  Japanese specific hospitality because the BLANCO MICHAELA also have 24 hours online booking, so the customers is able to have an appointment whenever they want. Whether from the external or internal, BLANCO MICHAELA wants to convey not only the beauty of the hair but  they cherish every encounter of the customer. After all, it is not easy to find a stylist who is considerate and really caring about customers’ hair matter in crowds of people.In BLANCO MICHAELA, every encounter is unique.

Translated by Lilian YangBlanco Michaela作品

 Blanco Michaela – ブランコ ミカエラ 

聯絡電話:+65 6538-0263(Jap)/+65 6538-0273(Eng)

聯絡地址:30 Merchant Road #02-24/25 Riverside Point Singapore 058282




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