Blush Balls: The Fanciest Makeup for spring look

Many brands has released fancy fancy makeup for the upcoming spring 2017 to make girls go crazy! Rather than the ordinary blushes, now there is “blush balls” in the form of little balls that is so cute that you will be happy to pay for it!


PAUL & JOE Cheek Color CS NT$1680

When this blush was released, it immediately won abundant cat lovers’ hearts! Besides from the ball shaped blush, there are CAT SHAPED blush! How can cat lovers resist this one? You are going to be screaming “SO CUTE” while using it!

Image credit: Pinterest

Missha Rolling Heart Ball Blusher KRW$24800

Image credit: Pinterest

This Heart Ball Blusher by Missha with adorable color and heart shape totally makes girls melt! Slightly pat it on your cheeks, it brings a flush on your cheeks and gives you a good mood when you are retouching the makeup with it! Also you can use the different colour separately, what a bargain!

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MDMMD Blusher Balls NT$649

Don’t eat them, they are not candy! These are blush balls made by Taiwan-based brand: MDMMD! And the case designed like a candy box makes you a princess when you hold it! The balls give you a natural complexion with a nice glow.

Image credit: Mdmmd

These dreamy blush balls are something you can’t miss in spring 2017! The pinky balls get you in a good mood while just looking at it!

Translated by Patricia L.

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