Colour Protecting Shampoo: Protecting Colour-Treated Hair From Fading

The aftercare for dyed hair is quite troublesome; if you don’t do it right, your hair would look like straw and lose the colour. Therefore, colour protecting shampoo is the first thing you need!

But it’s more helpful for red or brown dye. Read this carefully if you have red/brown hair!

Choose the right shampoo to keep your hair colour looking fabulous!

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1. Dr’s Formula Color Fixing & Scalp Treatment Shampoo

RRP: NT$299/580g

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This shampoo is very popular for its ability to keep the colour with affordable price! The gardenia extracthelps prevent colour loss, and the natural moisture ingredient can repair the damaged hair caused by hair dye. It was sold out when I went to Watsons! You see how popular it is. Try this one out if you have red/brown hair!

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2. SPA++ MADE Flower And Plant Essence Shampoo

RRP: NT$420/480ml

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This shampoo is specially designed for those who have color-treated or extremely dry hair. Enriched with plant essence to deeply clean your scalp, Argan oil and Camellia oil to repair damaged hair, and even sodium hyaluronate to hydrate your hair! Many say that the hair feels smooth and bouncy after using!

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3. Amma Garden Color Protective Glossing Shampoo

RRP: NT$100/300ml

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Amma Garden emphasizes on organic and natural ingredient. This shampoo contains not only herbal essence such as chamomile, mandarin, cedar, basil and lemongrass but amino acid to keep the hair colour! What’s more, it keeps oil in control! Many reviewers say it doesn’t strip your hair and does a great job on keeping the colour!


4. Sebamed Colour Care Shampoo

RRP: NT$830/1000ml

Image credit: Sebamed

Sebamed is famous for its gentle and natural products. This shampoo doesn’t have dimethicone, wax or fluorescent agent so it won’t burden your scalp. It contains lipid crystals which forms a protective film on the hair shaft to prevent your hair from colour loss and wheat microprotein that keeps your hair healthy.

The shampoos recommended above are silicone-free so they won’t burden your hair. But what suits others may not suit you, read the ingredient carefully before you purchase! Hopefully you can find the shampoo that keeps your hair smooth and shiny!

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Translated by Patricia L.

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