Follow 5 steps, naturally curly can keep slicked back hairstyle easily

Slicked back hair is a hairstyle which every boy really attempt to keep in their head due to fact that it will make them look like a Mr. Mcdreamy if you do it well or the other one with oily head. Recently, there is a friend of mine attempt to keep this hairstyle while his hair is a little naturally curly so that he is worrying about will his slicked back hair looks like unsuitable? (However, I still suppose it’s concerned with personal face…)

DON’T WORRY! Actually, it is also suitable for those boys who  born with curly hair to keep slicked hair. Because the naturally curly hair is fluffier than the regular straight hair and it will make your frizzy hair become slicked hairstyle easily if you utilize some little techniques.


Step1. Blow your hair.

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Certainly, the first step is blowing your hair. Blow your hair backward. What you have to remember is that it will be better if you blowing hair with the contrary direction of your hair movement because that will make your slicked back hairstylebecome fluffier and more natural. in the meanwhile, using your other hand to sort the hair as the fact that the curly hair is easy to be twined.


Step2. Circular comb / Mane come

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It is a crucial tool! You can use the circular comb and blower to finalize your hair slightly after it has become fluffy. Just like blowing your bangs, but you have to blow it upward. Furthermore, using the comb to blow the boundary of your hair as obvious as possible to make your slicked hair looking better .


Step3. The hair oil

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Take out a little amount of hair oil and rub it on your hands evenly. To be Remember that your hands have to be dry.


Step4. Finalized by hands

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At this step, you can finalize your hair with the direction of your hair flow. Meanwhile, you have to adjust a little regarding what style you want. And you need to take in your hair in the boundary of the ending certainly.


Step5. Hair set

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Translated by Lilian Yang

Finally, use the cold wind of blower to finalize the design. You can spray some hair spray on the surface of the hair to make it more immovable.

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