4 Best Eyelid Tapes: No Surgery Needed!

Girls with monolids has their charm with the innocent and classic look. For example, Kim Ko Eun, the main character of Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, is the representative of monolid. With simple eye makeup on the innocent and natural single eyelids, you can look gorgeous. However, there is some time you put on special eye makeup to find your lids eat all your effort or just want to be a big-eye girl or try a different style from time to time. Yet you have no courage to have the double eyelid surgery for the fear of pain? It’s quite simple to have a pair of big eyes as long as you choose the right product!

Most girls with monolids can go out without makeup but eyelid tape! There are various kinds of eyelid tapes from single/double sided to strip/net type. Are you so confused, not knowing which kind to buy? First, you have to know your eyelids to pick the most suitable kind.

StyleUp recommends four eyelid tapes/glue for you to double your eyelids!


1. E-Heart Double Sided Eyelid Tape 156 pc/NT$180

Image credit: E-Heart

This eyelid tape imported to Taiwan by Jpmon is double sided, and comes with various sizes such as natural and wide. Also, it’s sticky enough to stay on your eyelids for whole day without being noticed for its super invisibility. If the single sided ones don’t work, try this one!

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2. Cosmed Double Eyelid Tapes 30 pairs/NT$55

Image credit: Cosmed

This type of eyelid tape is widely sold and used. It suits beginners for its affordable price and easy access to obtain. With slightly harder material, it can hold up thicker eyelids. The disadvantage is that the tape is quite obvious when you put makeup on. Therefore, it’s more recommended for use without makeup.


3. Miss Bowbow Premium Invisible Eyelid Tape 42 pairs/NT$185

Image credit: Miss Bowbow

If you are a veteran of applying eyelid tapes with mature skill, take a challenge of using this one! The emphasized mesh lace material makes it more invisible and creates natural-looking double eyelids. But it’s more difficult for requirement for glue. However, it claims to save however difficult eyelids. It won’t let you down!


4. Automatic Beauty Double Eyelid Liquid 4.5ml/NT$369

Image credit: Automatic Beauty

If you are worried that people would notice your eyelid tapes or if you have super thick eyelids that the tapes cannot hold, consider this eyelid glue! As its name implies, it’s just like glue with strong stickiness to support difficult eyelids. However, it’s important to control the timing of applying the glue or tragedy might happen! 

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Besides choosing the right product, how to apply it and put on makeup is another issue. Come on and learn from Little Apple, say goodbye to small monolid eyes!

Translated by Patricia L.

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