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Jinwgo has been working as a hairstylist for 12 years; he is currently working at EROS HAIR STYLING. He had cooperated with many Taiwanese celebrities, such as MING DAO, BLACKIE CHEN, GODFREY GAO, VANESS WU, JO CHEN QIAO EN…

Moreover, Jinwgo had participated in several music videos, magazines, movies, stage plays, the GOLDEN HORSE PRIZE, the GOLDEN MELODY AWARDS, the ASIA PACIFIC FILM FESTIVAL, the TAIPEI FILM FESTIVAL, the 30 LIVE IN TAIPEI and the VOGUE FASHION SHOW.

Lastly, Jingo is also the instructor for NOISE, REVLON, LOREAL, GOLDWELL, MOROCCANOIL, KEVIN.MURPHY and ALTERNA salon.

Scorching summer in Italy

Last summer, I went to study abroad in Italy, and it is the first time for me to experience the burning Italian weather. During that time, I feel like I’m the character from the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun,” blazing hot with no shades, indoors without AC all made me feel like I was in Taiwan (my hometown).

Besides sweating all the time, the most annoying thing is my hair.

I have a fine hair, which means my hair can easily be oily and limp after I sweat. Even though fine hair can be commonly found on Asian Women, but compare with Italian women with an uncombed but casual hair or an elegant bouffant bun, I feel depressed on my fine hair.

Generally, most Italian women’s hair quality are coarse and due to them like sunbathing so their hair quality might not be that good, however, this also causes them to look wild and casual when their hair are tousled.

After I come back to Taiwan, I made an appointment with Jinwgo, who is from Eros Hair Styling to save my fine hair.

Below are three remedies shared by Jinwgo with fine hair type girls:

Tips 1: Layered Hair

For fine hair, a layered cut on the crown of your hair can prevent your hair lay tight on your head.

(Basically, I only had a haircut once a year, which cause my hair always look limp.)

Tips 2: Cleanse and Condition

Jinwgo recommends fine hair girls to purchase shampoo and conditioner with sea minerals (sea salt + minerals)(remember how thick and hard your hair was after coming back from the beach) and sage formula (to restraint the grease) to keep your hair dry and wouldn’t be easy to be oiled. Moreover, fine girls, please notice that moisturizing hair products will never work for you, it will only cause you to become more oily.

Tips 3: Perming Equipment

Jingwo said the best solution to prevent a flat hair is to add volume with a curling iron on your hair. The way Jingwo applied the iron is to start from the scalp, then divide your hair with several sections, afterwards, use the curling iron to make big waves in your hair.

Once you finish with the waves, tilting your head forward to loose your curls. After doing this step, I suddenly found out my hair is no longer tightly stick on my head anymore, they look natural and fuller.

Tips for fine hair:

Many girls considering about hair extension to present a fuller hair, yet this will cause your hair to become more flat because the weight of your hair increased.

Besides hair extension, shaggy perm is also another misunderstanding to present a thickness hair; it is because you have to continuously perming your hair.

For fine hair type, Jingwo suggests comb your hair with tilting your head forward; in addition, a dark brown hair color will look heavier than a light brown hair color.

Fill in powder for thin hair might be an option for fine hair.

Lastly, Jingwo said the only way to save helmet hair is to buy a car instead LOL.

Translate by Zena Cheng

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