The Trend of Above-the-Brow Bangs

Airy bangs, short bangs, full fringe bangs, S-curve bangs were all popular style in 2016. As for 2017, above-the-brow bangs will still be leading the trend.

Don’t laugh at girls with short bangs or think they have had a failed haircut. You are out of fashion if you don’t know that short bangs are the most fashionable style at present! Follow us to see why it is so popular!

Short bangs are really in and it will surprise you that many celebrities have caught up with the trend!

Image credits: Jolin Tsai, Kiko Mizuhara, Lee Sung-Kyung

Jolin Tsai, Kiko Mizuhara and Lee Sung-Kyung have the above-brow-bang in succession! Come on and try it!

The points for above-the-brow bangs:
Eye makeup / hats / eyebrows / thickness

1.Eye makeup is important

Image credit: Pinterest

The above-the-brow bangs can highlight your makeup and make your feature stand out. Putting on sharp eyeliner with this bang draws attention by giving the feeling of cool, bad girl. Compared to the girls with disheveled hair, the above-the-brow bangs scores!

2.Put on a hat to look even more fashionable

Image credit: Lee Sung-Kyung

Wearing Beret, which is suitable for winter, can make you look sweeter!

3.Eyebrows are the key

Image credit: LULU

Your eyebrows are visible when you have above-the-brow bangs. You have to put more emphasis on your eyebrows since you can’t hide them like you do when you have longer bangs.


Image credit: Pinterest

Unlike airy bangs, the above-the-brow bangs emphasize on thickness and choppiness. Using a curling iron or a straightener to fix your hair which also makes your hair look nicer!

Although the above-the-brow bangs don’t suit for everyone, it’s worthy of giving it a try! Maybe you’ll love it! What’s more important is to choose the right hairstylist or you can’t be more regretful when you get failed bangs!

Translated by Patricia L.

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