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Gino has been working as a hairstylist for 10 years, he is currently working at FLUS REEL HAIR BOUTIQUE. Beside hair styling experience, he had cooperated with many celebrities and earned recognition by the BANGSTYLE magazine. Moreover, Gino had been nominated by several awards, such as the International Visionary Award (AHS) in 2014 and 2015 and L’OREAL Men’s Hairstyle award in 2016.

Trouble for sporty girls

Girls, this situation might be familiar to you, when you go to the gym, the ponytail is the only hairstyle you can choose and your hair will become messy shortly. Even though your point of going to the gym is to exercise, however, Mr. Right might be captured in the gym as well. One of our fans Jodie had struggled with this problem for a long time, therefore, StyleUp editors and hair designer GINO from FLUX RÉEL HAIR BOUTIQUE decide to solve Jodie’s annoyance.

Tips from GINO

The best way for sporty girls is to make a triple braid.


Step 1: Split your hair into three sections, top, left and right.

Step 2: Do the top section into several thin triple braids, then tangled the braids.

Step 3: Now twine the left and right section into six braids.

[Notice: Make sure you do the triple braids from the top, in case it will get loose while exercising. Also, tie off the braid into tiny buns instead of pulling it out.]

Translate by Zena Cheng

Step 4: Make the six braids into two big braids.

[Notice: Don’t forget to put styling hair spray on your hair.]

Final Look

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