The 2017 global trend announcement of Color Zoom was held by Goldwell on March 21-22 at ATT For Fun. The technique of hair dye and perms are ingeniously combined with the trends which show the fluidity created by the transition between light and dark or the well-blended colors that are observed from the costume, accessories or makeup on the catwalk during fashion week events and The Oscars red carpet. Using the trendy color: earth tone, with the characteristics of toughness, intensity and mystery, or iridescent color to create the latest trend collection: IN·FLUX which extends the fashion from catwalk to the beauty salon.

2017 Color Zoom Global Trend Annoucement

The Grand Presentation of IN·FLUX

The global leader of hair color trend, Goldwell, has built the impeccable chromatics by Color Zoom

The annually trend announcement of Color Zoom is an international trendguide held by Goldwell. From the Trend Zoom Collection of 2004 to the Trend Zoom Challenge Hairdresser Competition of 2007, Goldwell had offered opportunities for hairstylists to rise on the global stage. The talents attracted to the competition presented their creative cutting, dyeing and styling skills. The name Trend Zoom has been changed to Color Zoom since 2010, specifying the focus on the color perfection. Goldwell presents the impeccable chromatics by Color Zoom through the latest trend announcement. The stylists not only ingeniously blend the colors in hair but successfully introduce the Color Zoom Award Party in August.


▲ GOLDWELL :Rodica Hristu  、Sascha Haseloff ,Corinne Brown 、Harley LoBasso 、Natalie Cara Jones 

2017 trendy dyeing tips: Ombré x Balayage

Step1: Ombré

The hair color trend for this year is a cool, neutral tone with mysteric intense hue. To make the intensity look more flexible, the skill “Ombré,” adjusting the strength of colors or matching two different hues, is used to create the depth of facial feature and make the hair look more dynamic while using the hair color as natural contour. Besides, the dark root shading is as natural as your new hair without having a obvious regrowth line.



Step2: Balayage

Balayage is the best skill to present the iridescent colors. The instinct and creativity are the key points. It’s as unique as hand-drawing works for the difficulty of duplication. Use the intense, cool tone (dark background) as base to make an elegant look, then top it with the vivid iridescent colors to create a bold and vital effect. Painting the colors freehand and matching the light/dark shades creates not only a dynamic look but a color fluidity.



Graduated Cut: 2017 Trendy Technique to Create Haircut of Fluidity and Volume

Combining trendy colors with cut can make the hairstyle noticeable and let facial feature pop. The typical and trendy cut for 2017 is triangle. Using various cut techniques to create multiple layers and present the strong contours of the cut. By combining different shapes and lengths, it creates seamlessness in one haircut and gives you characteristic while emphasizing and modifying the facial feature.



4 Legendary Stylists: 2017 Color Zoom Catwalk Blown Up in Advance

Goldwell invites four legendary stylists as special guests this year including: Color Zoom Creative Director, Rodica Hristu; Taiwanese stylist from Flux, the leading salon, John Chan; the chief masters from the most valued Korean beauty salon, Juno Hair, Han Kyuland Nami Ra. Together they bring the global trend into technique for hair dye and perms, and release the 2017 hair trend collection: IN·FLUX, helping Taiwanese stylists to learn the complete knowledge of the latest hairdressing trend for 2017 and be the leader of fashion industry in Taiwan!

▲ GOLDWELL Rodica Hristu 、John Chan ,Han Kyul、Nami Ra


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