[Exclusive Interview with Goldwell] Global Master x Korean Perm Expert: Things You Need to Know About 2020 Hairdressing Trend

The 2017 Color Zoom Global Trend Announcement is held by Goldwell, the world-famous salon brand, at ATT 4 FUN, Taipei. It shows the latest hair trend and offers an opportunity for hairstylists from all over the world to give surprise with their endless creativity. The theme this year is “IN·FLUX,” which brings the deep, mysterious earth tone and the iridescent colors to the stage. The iridescence with rich, natural fluidity makes the hairstyle more flexible!

StyleUp seizes this special chance to interview the masters behind the scene, the creative director of Color Zoom, Rodica Hristu, and Nami Ra, the chief master from the most valued Korean beauty salon, Juno Hair. Here we analyze the points of the latest hair trend and answer all your questions about hairdressing!

[Hair Dyeing: with the Creative Director of Color Zoom, Rodica Hristu]

Q: What is “IN·FLUX,” the 2017 collection by Goldwell?

A: The concept is based on “fluidity.” The merging and morphing of color, shapes and texture are emphasized. A dark, mysterious atmosphere comes with every color in this collection with the indescence flowing on the surface. Although the color changing is not quite apparent, you can still see it flowing like oil on the puddle. These colors blend every element such as softness, strongness, mystery, strength and elegance all together. And it is believed that every hairstylist can perform it very well!

Q: What is the inspiration of the brand new hair color this year?

A: In face, the color and concept we create comes from the analytics of trending by WGSN, the trend forecasting & analytics company. We have meetings together to read the trending colors in the analytics. And those color which can be applied on hair is what we want. We both demonstrate our creativity and practice on hair fragments to figure the desired trending color. We want other hairstylists to see the new colors they’ve never seen, which is inspiring for us!

Q: What’s the advantage of Goldwell products?

A: Goldwell is definitely the best! Our biggest advantage is “education.” Every stylists using products of Goldwell have professional knowledge and ideas. What’s more, Goldwell offers excellent tools for them to demonstrate their creativity through hair color, style, cut or contour. This is the biggest advantage Goldwell has and what makes us the best product worldwide.

Q: Any words for Taiwanese hairstylists?

A: I’ve been looking forward to seeing more stars from Taiwan. As an international judge for many years, I believe that knowing the creating concept, along with your own ideas, are very important. Don’t do something that’s already there. Combine your ideas with the subject to perform high-end fashion and your creation can be the cover of a magazine! You can merge the creation into the subject “IN·FLUX” by presenting the equivalent quality. I know Taiwanese stylists very well, they are highly focused and have their own thoughts. So I’m looking forward to seeing their creativity again!

[Perm: with Nami Ra, the chief master of Korean Juno Hair]

Q: Can you briefly introduce the trend of hair this year? What’s special for the perm for male and female respectively?

A: The trend of perm has changed from natural look to noticeable curls with fluidity. It’s called “Hippie Perm.” If you’ve watched the hottest Korean tvshow, Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, you’ll notice that the main character, Goon Yoo, has a naturally curly bang which has made a hit. Compared to last year, the trend of perm this year requires more curls and flexibility. And the need for perm will only increase whether for men or women.

Q: Does it require special care with the technique or process of perm for Asian?

A: Theoretically, perm is easier for Asian due to the thicker and stronger hair. However, the customers have frequent perm, dye and even bleach which makes any kind of styling difficult due to the damaged hair. Therefore, the hair treatment is now highly valued in Korea. It’s done no matter when it’s before or during the perm. If you don’t do it right, the dye and perm can’t reach to a perfect effect. Just like what’s mentioned before, the hair treatment is crucial!

Q: How to lower the damage caused by dye and perm? Can you recommend related product of Goldwell?

A: The hair is composed by protein so I recommend the Straight’N Shine System which not only adds protein to your hair but also harmonizes the inner structure of the hair. Through the announcement and the training class, I have more understanding of this Straight’N Shine System. I hope Taiwanese stylists can make use of this to get the customers hair done with health. This way, we can not only bring more customers but also increase the sales in salons. I believe that many customers would like this!

Q: How to maintain the curls and shine after perm?

A: The perm definitely causes damage to our hair and more high temperature will cause a second damage. The most important aftercare you can do at home:

Use warm water instead of hot water when washing your hair.

Avoid drying your hair with hot air, the cool airflow can help our hair shine and smooth.

After drying, put some conditioner to care your hair. If you want to keep the curls longer, you need some special treatment.

This way, you can keep your hair longer and make it look as beautiful and attractive as what your stylist has done!

Translated by Patricia L.

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