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無我髮廊 Anattā Salon


ANATTĀ Salon belongs to everyone in our society.

(The word ANATTĀ origins from Pali)

Service: Haircut, Perm, Scalp Relief, Hair Treatment and Discussion about recent news.

While communicates with others, normally, namely, certain effect will occur. As a human being, our life completes only when we have an interaction, understanding and caring to others. ANATTĀ Salon, a salon, which believes this faith, is dedicated in concerning their customer via professional hair styling technique and love to this world. Before entering the salon, you can see campaign such as anti-nuclear and care for the needs posted on their wall. There will be a chubby cat greeting you once you open ANATTĀ Salon’s revolving door, afterwards, you can see a variety of slogans and posters related to public welfare were stuck on the wall.

We only lived once, so live your life passionately.

Our interview starts with an indie band’s agile song as background music, “All the slogans, leaflets and posters you saw are the topics we concerned about our society,” replied by one of the salon’s hair stylist, Jin-Yi, who has a unique dressing style. Jin-Yi was working as a salesperson in Aveda and she quit her high-paid job to fulfill her hairstylist interest. Moreover, she achieves her life goal by sharing public welfare issue, which she concerned to her customer. “We only lived once, so live your life passionately,” said by How, the only male hairstylist in the salon. How was plan to open a drink shop after he left the army, but he started to learn hair styling technique. During his career as a hairstylist, he found the passion in his life and the affirmation received from the customer is the greatest encouragement to him.

“We are like missionary,” Jin-Yi smiled, besides giving hairstyle suggestion, they also mention issues that need to be the focus to their customer. Opposing opinion will definitely exist, “The most important is to understand the issue’s context and legitimacy,” said by Shih-Ba, another hairstylist from ANATTĀ Salon. No matter what the latest issue in our society is, Shih-Ba hopes everyone can understand the meaning behind the issue than merely follow the trend. Instead of just talking about the issue, the hairstylists in ANATTĀ Salon are activist, who sometimes held a second-hand sale and social issue discussions. Furthermore, all the hairstylists provide specialized service: Shih-Ba regularly goes to elderly (who have mobility problems) or autistic child’s home to give them a haircut. In addition, Shih-Ba said ANATTĀ Salon has accessible facilities for the disabled and they plan to install barrier free toilet in the future. Also, Shih-Ba mentioned in order to support those who fight against public issues, she sometimes at the give a free haircut to Ketagalan Boulevard’s protesters.

「Trapped Citizen」held a discussion in ANATTĀ Salon

Every time you purchase a product is to vote for a world you want to live in.

ANATTĀ Salon uses Aveda’s eco-friendly product to provide the best quality to their customers. How, who pay attention on hair product’s smell told me that Aveda present a more natural and refreshing smell than other hair products. Shih-Ba said Aveda not only concern about environmental protection, but also care about social responsibility by providing job opportunities to remote area’s female. To commit a Fair Trade world, consumer plays a significant role as well as the manufacturer, therefore, we should buy the product from a brand that comply non-polluting and non-exploitation rules. “Every time you purchase a product is to vote for a world you want to live in,” said by Shih-Ba.

Your hair will become frizzy if you don’t care about it,

just like the society will become chaotic if none of us pay attention to it.

Since ANATTĀ Salon is a unique salon, the hair stylist at there must as distinctive as the salon. “ The best style is casual and be who you are,” said by hairstylist Katy. For suggestions about hairstyling, “You have to listen to what your hair stylist told you,” all four hair stylists replied simultaneously. This situation is similar to every salon, a customer bought a magazine and asks the stylist to cut the same hairstyle as the model does, yet, and the hairstyle might not match them. When facing this condition, Shih-Ba, who regards herself, has a strong personality will utilize her professional knowledge to communicate with the customer. Every time to have a haircut at ANATTĀ Salon, your hairstylist will tell you the hair product they will use and how to do your hair when you go home. “Your hair will become frizzy if you don’t care about it, just like the society will become chaotic if none of us pay attention to it,” Jin-Yi said. If you want to present a perfect hairstyle, How highly recommends blow dry your hair with a comb, which will make your hair looks soft and gentle.

From left to the right:Designer Katy, How, Jin-Yi, Shih-Ba

Lastly, I asked their favorite movie and music, Shih-Ba smiled and said now she prefer realistic documentary than a mainstream commercial movie. Such as the previous International Labor Film Festival had promoted reflections to her. Then Jin-Yi shared the indie band’s music she’s listening recently, “Actually, I have a variety taste about music and hardcore music is my latest favorite.” “The more important is to absorb different types of knowledge and interaction with others,” said by Jin-Yi.

All the images are from ANATTĀ Salon’s Facebook Fanpage

The most important is to absorb different types of knowledge and interaction with others.

Translate by Zena Cheng

無我髮廊 Anattā Salon

02 2543 2722

1F., No.17-1, Ln. 150, Songjiang Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Opening Hours: 11:00~21:00

*Please call and make reservation in advance。

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