Driven By Salon- A Family Tree Salon

Driven.By. Hair Salon

Driven By salon was established in 2016, and located in the east district of Taipei.

They regard hair designer, technologist and stylist are the foundation of the salon.

A Gray wall mottled with gold lines and lingered dark green path, creating a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere while entering the Driven By Salon. Locating in the hustle and bustle east district of Taipei, the place seems absolutly different and unique compare to the noise outside.

“Driven By is a new salon so they like challenges„

Unlike many commercial focused salons, Yun and Ken, the founders of Driven By Salon like to position the store as a place driven by hair designer. This is why hairstylist’s signature was showed at a larger size than their store name on the name card.

“Nobody wants to be an employer forever

Moreover, Driven By Salon also subverts the conventional situation that there are always gossips and rumors among hair designer if the designer wants to leave the old place and open their own salon. “Honestly, we regard this condition as a positive thing for our stylist,” shared by Ken. Therefore, they hope if their old employee can set up a new salon, which called Driven By (Designer Name), the family tree salon concept can last forever.

“We are proud of our color bar —KEN

Ken excitedly showed us the most compelling part of the salon- color bar section.

Due to it’s hard to maintain the cleanness while mixing colors, most salons often put their color bar at the darkest corner, yet the color bar in Driven By Salon is set as an open space. The color brand that the salon chooses were all well known and licensed, and they plan to communicate more with the customer and let them to mix their own color in the future. “But we have to be careful about the thing happened in Bride Wars (Movie) lol,” said by hair designer Evol. A relaxing working atmosphere will enhance the work results, “I was never as happy as now while working in the Driven By Salon,” replied by hairstylist Evol, who was once worked at other famous salon.

So why not make a reservation now at Driven By Salon!

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Phone: 02 8773-0555
Address:1F., No.6, Ln. 101, Sec. 1, Da’an Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Opening Hours: 11:00~20:00

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