How to Style Your Hair with Bangs

Girls, this situation might seem familiar to you, oops, I accidentally trim my bangs too short and it still needs some time to become longer.


Here are some ways to save this condition!

See- through Bangs

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This see-through bangs is definitely the most popular style for Korean girls now, with flipping your bangs outward or using a curling iron to curl your bangs into a slight C shape.

S-shaped Bangs

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Evolution from the see-through bangs, use a curling iron to make a natural messy fringe can make you look even younger.


Braided Bangs

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This romantic and sweet braided bangs style is very easy, which you just twist both sides of your bangs inwards and use bobby pins to secure them. Tips: Make them look fluffy, not tightly.

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Head Wraps

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If you are tired of doing the methods mentioned above, then just try head wrap. While using scarves can present a lovely style or just using a simple head wraps to make a chic look.

Bobby Pins

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Colorful or traditional black bobby pins never go wrong with bangs.

Half Bun

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To make your face look smaller, try half bun, which you just make a bun with your bangs and secure it with bobby pins.

Bun Hair

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No matter half bun or bun hair, messy and natural are always the key point!

Beanie and Cap

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Beans and cap are the best for hiding your bangs!

Extra Tips: Wet Bangs Look

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Lastly, we recommend this cool “wet bangs look” for trendy girls, you can use some hair spray to make your bangs look wet then style it.


Translated by Zena Cheng

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