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As the time goes by, the meaning of tattoos had transformed from the earliest cultural significance to the latest trend of showing your fashion style and personal taste. Besides the meaning, the tools we utilized in tattoo also changed as well, nowadays, coil or rotary tattoo machines replaced the conventional hand poke tattoo.

But what we care the most is how much does a tattoo cost

Q1: How a tattoo is priced?

A:  Basically, tattoo does not have a strict price; it all depends on the size and the complexity of your tattoo. However, for experienced and well-known tattoo artist, the price will definitely be higher than those less experienced.

Q2: I heard there is a minimum fee for each tattoo, so how does it charge and can I share with a friend?

A: Normally, the minimum fee includes the needle, equipment and the sterilization procedure you will need before getting a tattoo. Since a tattoo is a puncturing action, therefore, sanitation represents a huge role while having tattoo so you cannot share the minimum fee with others. However, the minimum fee will vary based on the location of the shop and the quality of the tools


Q3: Why would the price for small tattoo is that expensive?

A: As the answer mentioned above (Q2), due to the minimum fee, if the tattoo you are getting is in a certain degree, then the price will remain the same.

Q4: Can we bargain the tattoo price?

A: The price for a tattoo is all up to different store; therefore, communicate with your artist stands for a significant procedure as well.  


Q5: But I really want to know the price for a simple 3X3 cm line tattoo?

A: Overall, it all depends on tattoo shops, but for exquisite line tattoo, it might cost thousand NT dollars. In contrast, the price for simple line will probably be 3,000 NT dollars (around 100 US dollars). Overall, the price for a tattoo is fluctuated according to different tattoo artist.

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