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Recently, you may have seen leaflets or social posts about Fashion Designers, Affiliates and Lovers that have gone “Missing”. So what exactly is this about? Joseph Law with his partner Bin Lin, the founders of itch, printed 300 “Missing” leaflets to spread their campaign across Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The intention is to speak about fashion identities being “Missing” in the fashion industry, illustrating that behind every amazing fashion billboards, posters or magazines, the social masses are often oblivious to the fashion contributors; exaggerating the fact that they are “Missing” and can follow suit by restoring their identities on Ever since their beta launch, itch has approximately 100 new users every month, daily activities without fail, and they’re only getting started.

“I’m done conjuring lies to better products than they originally are.”

Surprisingly, Joseph did not major in the field of fashion, but was a copywriter in the advertising industry. “I’m done conjuring lies to better products than they originally are, and would rather put my expertise into something of value,” Joseph chuckled. Instead of being hired to fulfill other’s dreams, Joseph utilized his years of marketing expertise to build itch from the ground up with his Art director Bin Lin and Programmer Liu Wei-hao; in hope to manifest a more humankind environment in the fashion industry.

“Fashion should be decided by the fashion republic.”

In his early days, Joseph mentioned how he disliked the art of fashion being a controlled market, and that trends are always decided for consumers, seasons on end. Featured designers on runways are often opinions from a select few. So what of those who don’t share the same creative taste as them? The answer is always: “Well, what other choices do we have?” Joseph said.

 “Creativity should never be stifled by doctrines, nor should fashion trends be dictated by big fashion conglomerates.”


 ” #FashionSocialKind- A movement that may just refashion the current system in humankind.”

You can sign up as a Fashion DesignerFashion Affiliate such as: Model, Photographer, Videographer, Makeup Artist, Stylist, Hair Stylist, Nail Artist and Creative Director, or a Fashion Lover. Collectively, he and his team believe that the fashion landscape is ready to evolve. Only if we come together—as one fashion collective.

“We want to become the largest and most convenient international fashion social media.”

Although itch is still in its infancy, they are already grabbing people’s attention and starting to attract users from across the continents. While they’re not fully mobile-ready yet, they are already planning to have APP in the future. “We truly believe that there’s a demand for fashion to be more humankind, and that like-minded fashionistas will join us—because they are trendsetters themselves. With this, we believe we can help them gain recognition and become fashion’s most convenient social platform while at it,” Joseph replied with confidence.

Touched by Joseph’s sentiments, we at StyleUp share the same philosophy. Be if you are a Fashion Designer, Affiliate or a Lover, you can now fulfill your passion and dream for fashion with itch—the fashion-only social media that allows you to break out of the corporate ladder if need be, or dictate the next fashion trend collectively than having the established order dictating it for us repeatedly.

All the images are from itch’s founder Joseph Law

Translated by Zena Cheng



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