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キンケアアドバイザーとして、基礎的なスキンケアのステップと、季節とその環境に合わせた内容をお伝えしています。 For this issue, StyleUp invites Airi Kano, a Japanese makeup artist to give some skin care advices and tutorial to our readers.

Skin Care Procedures:

Cleanse – Remove – Base Lotion – Serum – Toner – (Lotion) – (Moisturizer) – Sunscreen

Skin Care

In general, we usually apply toner, lotion and moisturizer after washing your face, however, the weather in Taiwan is humid and the toner Kano use is oily so she doesn’t recommend applying lotion this time. Moreover, foundation and sunscreen contain oil as well, so she doesn’t use moisturizer.

Tip for skin care: Press and massage with your fingertips gently, especially around the eye area.

Removing Makeup

To have a perfect skin, cleanse and removing makeup account for more than 70%. Although you might think you didn’t put any makeup on your face, but the air pollution particles can still affect you skin. There are many types of makeup remover, Kano regards cleansing oil works better on your face and prevents frequent use the flat cotton pads to remove the makeup, due to you might pull your skin too hard.

While removing, she suggests to keep your hands in dry condition, then apply the makeup remover on your hands, but don’t rub it! Afterwards, put your hands on your skin to let your hand’s temperature remove the makeup. Lastly, use some water to emulsify the dirt on your face, but GENTLY!

2 Minutes for cleansing and removing:

1 minute to wash your face and 1 minute to remove makeup. (Reduce the time that remover irritates you skin)


Everyone knows the importance of using sun cream, and Kano wants to tell us the concept of sunblock. Sunscreen can only suspend the time your skin being exposed under the ultraviolet, for instance, you can get suntan if you sat under the sun for 5 minutes, yet using a PA+ or PA++ sunscreen can postpone the time from 5 minutes to 10 or 20 minutes. Therefore, applying the sunscreen does not mean you don’t have to worry about getting sunburned; you still have to reapply regularly. Also, physically sunroof is important as well.

Translated by Zena Cheng

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