Korean Beauty Trend: Lipstick from Goblin: The Lonely and Great God

The just ended K drama Goblin not only made the actor Gong Yoo to become the top candidate of an ideal husband for the year among girl’s but also let the lipstick used by the actress Kim Go Eun (starring as the leading actress) become a trend. For this issue, StyleUp editors selected the lipsticks applied by Kim Go Eun to introduce to our readers.


(Suggested Price: NT 1150 USD 32  3.4G)

(Image from Lancome, tvN)

While in episode 12, Eun-tak (Kim Go Eun) finally become an college student and she put on this rose shade lipstick to attend her first part. Looking elegant and confident, Kim’s look made Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) to become worried whether she’s going to meet Tae-hee oppa (Eun-tak’s first love).

This Lancome #378 rouge is well pigmented so it’s suitable for every girl.


(Suggested Price: NT 1150 USD 32   3.4G)

(Image from Lancome, tvN)

In the first half of the drama, Eun-tak was a senior high school student, which means she only wears a nude makeup to make her look natural. This #264 lipstick has a matte rose color, which goes well with light makeup for students and office workers.


(Suggested Price: NT 1150 USD 32   3.4G)

(Image from Lancome, TVdaily)

During the press release of the drama, Kim Go Eun uses this Lancome #397 rouge with a long curly hair and an enhancement on the eye makeup, which make her look at the same age as other characters (they were at least 10 years older than Kim). Therefore, this lipstick is suitable for girls who want to present a mature look.

真命口紅!讓膚色告訴你 每個女人都該有的「命定唇彩」這樣挑

(Image from tvN)

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