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For hair styling industry, there is never an end for keeping up with the latest fashion trend and to be the icon for decades is difficult. Yet, Kim Robinson salon, a salon originated from Hong Kong had made itself to be one of the most influential hair salons among the world.

Kim Robinson, who is a hair designer born in Australia and was famed for being Maggie Cheung (Hong Kong actress) and Sandy Lam’s (Hong Kong singer) hairstylist since the 80’s. For this issue, StyleUp wants to introduce this well-know salon in Singapore to our readers.

Specific Hairstyling Experince

Invited by Singapore’s Ministry of Trade & Industry, Kim Robinson opened their shop in Singapore in 1995. While entering the salon, you can easily capture aesthetic elements are around the place. “It is all about the details. Nowadays, the modern women look for professional expertise when they are seeking a luxury hair experience. Looking for an exclusive tailor made experience or unique personalized services are becoming typical,” told by Kim.

To present the highest standard of service to their patron, Kim Robinson salon had many specialized features. Decorate with soft gold lights and art pieces, the salon had set up eight private hair-coloring parlors. Besides this, leather-clad ergonomic chairs, personal LCD televisions and personal hair-wash areas were placed in the luxurious VIP suites. Moreover, the salon even had customized spa therapies and manicure service section.

“For me, the salon’s quality and the confident we presented to the customer are the most important factors.”

Trained at Australia academy, Kim was awarded with the best new hairstylist of the year while he was young and he went to Europe to hone his skills afterwards. In order to persist in his philosophy, which is to discover the true beauty, Kim chooses his hair styling team member by himself so they can assist the customer’s hairstyle to last long after they left the salon and provide them an unforgettable experience.

“Each of us (designer) is unique, the company provides education and training to the staff, as continuing education is the key to offer the latest state-of-the-art in hair dressing experience,” shared by Kim.

“Beauty is my goal!”

“I want to create beauty. This has been my goal every single day for more than three decades and is what influences every decision I make,” Kim told us the true meaning of beauty. ”No two beauties are alike; no woman stays the same. Therefore, at Kim Robinson salon, there are no rules,” told by Kim. To provide the customer’s personal style, Kim believes that everyone need to find a stylist who does more listening than talking and “communication” is the most important stage. “When consulting with your stylist on hair color, tell him whether you like your current style or not. Is this season’s hair trends are something you want to try or do you want to stick with your signature look? One of my most important tips is to bring a photograph of the style you might like to have, because sometimes your “mahogany” translates into a stylist’s “violet-brown.” Hence, bring a picture might present the better understanding of what you want,” told by Kim.

The “Dry Cut” and “Multi-Shading” Techniques

Inspired by Vidal Sassoon and his mentor Alexandre de Paris (International brands such as Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent’s hair stylist, who had styled couture collections with Kim Robinson.), Kim not only deepen in the fundamental techniques, but also develop the “Dry Cut” and “Multi-shading” hair cutting skills for Asians based on his long time experience with trimming Asian’s hair.

The dry cut technique utilizes the natural flow of the hair to create styles in soft chunky layers with lived in look; the multi-shading technique involves four, five or even six different shades, all of which are complementary to the client’s skin tone so the colors can create a depth and bespoke appearance.

Hair Rejuvenated Formula

A perfect hairstyle means you need to have a healthy hair quality as foundation, thus, Kim Robinson searched for years about hair treatment and found out that HRF (Hair Rejuvenated Formula) is the only approach which centers on revitalizing follicles to grow both thicker and stronger hair. Many Asian women experience thinning hair from a young age, sometimes during their twenties, and it can be a distressing and embarrassing issue.

With the breakthrough and FDA-approved technology HRF, hair quality and scalp can be highly improved and protected among different hair type.

New Salon at Hong Kong with Style APP

Recent years, Kim Robinson established a new evolution of hairstyling, which he opened the “Kr+” salon to focus more on communications between the customer and the stylist. Moreover, the salon even is developing an app called “kr+ Lookbook” to allow the clients browsing over hundreds of photographs to find their ideal style. In addition, the customers can post a selfie with their new style on the “kr+ ME WALL” to share with the world. The app will be released in the future and Taiwan might have the chance to experience it as well as other major Asia cities.

Diana Vreeland, the well-know fashion editor had said “Style—all who have it share one thing: originality.” We can imply this to Kim Robinson, who always step ahead and create the trend. Even the fame had been added on him, but discovering the true beauty might be the true reason for Kim Robinson’s success.

All images are from Kim Robinson Singapore

Translated by Zena Cheng

Kim Robinson Singapore

Phone:+65 6738 8006

Address:391 Orchard Road #02-12, Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Ngee Ann City

Official Website:

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