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Recently, 20 years old Nana Komatsu had become one of the popular models and actress in Asia, not only because of her affair with G-Dragon, Korean band Bigbang’s member, but also because of her innocent makeup appearance captured many young girl’s attention.

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According to the photo, Nana Komatsu seems to utilize matte makeup as a key point for her overall makeup and bushy eyebrows to match with her dark hair. Also, highlighting a dense eyelashes and nude tone lips and blusher to present a natural, casual look.

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Tips 1: Thick Eyebrows

One of Nana Komatsu’s characteristics is a shaggy but natural eyebrow. To have this type of eyebrow, you need to use a dark brow powder and apply it along with your natural eyebrow shape.


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Tips 2: Light Eye Makeup

Neutral tone eye shadow, thin and slight black/brown eye line, lengthens and apparent eyelashes (Notice: especially the lower eyelash) are the key factors for this makeup.

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Tips 3: Soft and Matte Foundation Makeup

Instead of a shiny foundation, apply only a small mount of foundation to present a lightweight appearance. The point for this not only can provide a matte look but also make you look energetic; moreover, Nana Komatsu keeps her freckles and spots in order to become natural. Lastly, use pink or peach shade blusher.

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Tips 4: Matte Lipstick

It’s all about matte color, either nude pink or red rouge. Soft pink makes her look graceful and matte red with a fair skin let her become unique.

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Girls, now just try this look!!!

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