L’ERBOLARIO Flag Shop: Stay Away From the City and Be In Italian Herbal Aroma

L’Erbolario, originated from Italy, has held a afternoon tea party at the Zhongxiao flag shop which has a Italian country style. The market experience stand allows you to experience the beauty of plant-derived fragrance. With interesting interactive games, you can enjoy a wonderful afternoon in a relaxing herbal atmosphere.

Loved by European royal families and Queen of Netherland
Get close to herbal aroma and experience Italian LOHAS

The complex store combines Café and Spa

The best herbal skin care brand from Italy

Bringing the trendy herbal lifestyle into Taiwanese consumers, L’Erbolario is hoping to help relieve the stress after work and lead to a natural and healthy lifestyle.

Traditional herb combining with up-to-date technology

L’Erbolario was founded in 1978 at Lodi by Franco Bergamaschi and his wife Daniela Villa. With the enthusiasm for herbs, they created care products with natural ingredients based on family recipes. Highly praised by friends and customers, they decided to start stores outside the lab, which was when L’Erbolario was born.

100% formulated, made and packaged in Italy

All products of L’Erbolario are made from natural plant-derived ingredients, certified by the University of Pavia. Every single product is formulated and made at the headquarter production site in Lodi. The beautiful illustrations on the packaging is done by local artists which allows you to experience the purest Italian lifestyle at the same time you are using the products.

(Pick your favorite stamp and bring your unique bag home!)

富有吉 FIUGGI WATER 由裡到外保養重現水嫩肌

Enjoyed by everyone instead of just a few

L’Erbolario hopes to get everyone close to natural aroma by setting Zhongxiao flag shop. It’s like wherever you are, in the corner of a city, a crowded street, a park with fountain, a wide and comfortable department store or a house in a secret corner, you can be in a herbal world as long as you step in L’Erbolario store.

(Mix your own pillow spray with Erbamea essence oil)

New product of L’Erbolario: Osmanthus series

(The gift box with illustration from Italy)

Translated by Patricia L.

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