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Since the Korean drama rises the trend of gradient lips, girls are now seeking for methods such as two-toned lip bar to make their lips become natural and great, therefore, lip embroidery with undefined lips border seems to be the latest make-up trend. Makeup artist Nono from NONO Look said the lip embroidery nowadays is different from the past, which they focus on invisible lip line than traditional highlighting the line so your lips will look more natural. In other words, lip embroidery can change the color or even the shape of your lips. Below are some things you need to know before and after having lip embroidery.

1.Before Lip Embroidery

Although lip embroidery can make you look terrific, yet for those who have heart disease, diabetes, keloid or wounds that are hard to heal need to tell your artist beforehand. Also, since the anesthetic we use in the lip embroidery will be sensitive to your body, tell your artist whenever you feel uncomfortable during the procedures.Last, for recovery and infection factors, we recommend arranging lip embroidery before the holidays, and then you can have enough time to stay at home for healing the wound.

2. Color choice:

Basically, there are three levels of color type you can choose to apply, but Nono enhanced that due to her experience, it is normal to add color after first embroidery and picking a relatively neutral color might be the safest choice for first-timer. The reason for using a safe color is because you can look energetic, but not with a heavy makeup, hence, you only need to put a layer of lipstick when you have events.

3. After lip embroidery:

It is normal that the color you choose does not 100% match the color on your lips after the embroidery, but no need to worry because your lip color will become even after 1-2 months. Generally, your lips will have swollen and scab, all you need is to put some ice on the lips and wait for the scab to fall off.

4. Things need to avoid:

During day 1-3 after the embroidery, try not to eat food that is spicy, hot or have too much sauce in it, fried rice or bread might be an option for you. Moreover, for your recovery, do not wear masks or go swimming, hot spring and make sure not having laser treatment or using whitening products to cause your lip become dark.

5. Tips for taking care:

It is necessary for you to buy three-day amount’s painkillers at the pharmacy and put treatment gel 3 times a day on your lips. Once the scab falls off, you can use the lip balm to ensure your lips won’t be dry.Translate by Zena Cheng

6. Cleaning tips:

Don’t wash your face within 24 hours after the lip embroidery and avoid brushing your tooth, you can use mouthwash with a straw as alternatives. After three days, it is recommended washing your face with boiled water in case raw water infects you.

7. Adding color:

We suggest you to add color on your lips only after two months of your embroidery.

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