5 Best Lip Primers That Makes Your Lips Irresistible

Makeup primer is well-known while lip primer is unfamiliar to people. It’s quite important to put on lip primer to keep the color from dark, dry or lined lips. A good lip primer can not only moisturize lips but also keep the color in place and even make the color pop. Who doesn’t want a perfect pair of lips that makes boyfriend go wild? Here we show you the lip primers you must have!

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1. Professional Makeup Artists’ Secret: M.A.C Cosmetics Prep + Prime Lip NT.630

MAC打底唇膏,MAC妝前唇霜,ELF豐唇底膏, 植村秀護唇,打底護唇膏

You need to make effort to get the perfect lip color which professional makeup artists do. This colorless lip primer is secret weapon for makeup artists. Its texture is moisturized but not greasy, which helps enhance the pigmentation without diluting the lip color. This primer is precious to “lipholic.”

Pic resource: M.A.C

2. Moisturized And Plumping: SHISEIDO Maquillage Dramatic Lip Treatment NT.600

MAC打底唇膏,MAC妝前唇霜,ELF豐唇底膏, 植村秀護唇,打底護唇膏

SHISEIDO shows ingenuity in this Maquillage series of makeup. This primer moisturizes dry lips with smooth but non-greasy texture. It’s infused with rich treatment oil, which also has been used in Dramatic Melting Rouge Lipstick, to lock in lips’ moisture and prep your lips well as a primer! You want your lips to look plumping and glossy? This one is your best choice!

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3. Priming and Plumping: e.l.f. Studio Lip Primer & Plumper NT.100

MAC打底唇膏,MAC妝前唇霜,ELF豐唇底膏, 植村秀護唇,打底護唇膏

Making the best use of every makeup is every girl’s wish; we read your mind! We present this doubled-sided lip primer by American brand- e.l.f. to you! The brown side primes and the white side plumps. The price is affordable and it’s an absolute bargain!

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4. Can’t Go Wrong With Pencil Primer: Bite Beauty Line & Define Lip Primer NT.700

MAC打底唇膏,MAC妝前唇霜,ELF豐唇底膏, 植村秀護唇,打底護唇膏

This lip primer, also an American brand, is a pencil that you can prime your lips more precisely. And it’s good for moisturization as well as enhancing the pigment of bright color lipstick! In addition, this pencil comes with a built-in sharpener. Is there any difficulty with making a perfect lip?

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5. Natural Deep Care: SHU UEMURA Depsea Hydrability Moisturizing Lip Balm NT.900

MAC打底唇膏,MAC妝前唇霜,ELF豐唇底膏, 植村秀護唇,打底護唇膏

And don’t forget the importance of lip care in your daily routine apart from lip primers. This lip balm with beeswax and macadamia ternifolia seed oil can serve as lip balm/gloss in the day and lip mask at night. Prep your lips well to make the best use of your makeup!

Pic source: Shu Uemura

Translated by Patricia

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