Lipstick Colors: Coral Reef or Pink Lipstick to Mach Your Skin Tone


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When it comes to summer, the right lipstick shades that matches your skin tone undoubtedly stands a significant role. Even though the latest lipstick trend is red lips, yet it might grab too attention when it goes with your bright summer clothes. Recently, pink and coral lipstick constantly appeared in the Korean drama, which becomes the most fashionable lipstick colors for girls. However, not everyone will match either coral or pink shades, therefore, professional makeup artist Sam, from It’s Sam Styling Studio share tips about how to choose the right lipstick colors to StyleUp’s readers.

Nude Pink Lipstick: Suitable for fair skin tone, which will make you look energetic.

The crucial factor for choosing lipstick is your skin tone, color such as nude pink or pink will goes perfectly with fair skin tone and present your features. In contrast, applying pink shades lipstick on olive skin tone will only make your skin look darker. Therefore, Sam suggests for a girl who has an olive skin tone, you can test the shades on the back of your hand before purchasing the lipstick.

Coral: Suitable for every skin tone.

Besides nude pink lipstick, many Korean drama use coral lipstick as well. Coral includes orange shades, which fits with your vivid summer outfit. Even so coral goes well with every skin tone, but Sam reminds that avoid not applying a depth eye makeup on your face, otherwise it might grab too much attention. The reason that coral is suitable for all skin tone is due to the undertone of olive and dark skin tone is warm, hence, coral lipstick can contour your skin and make you look dazzling. For fair skin tone, basically, it matches every color and coral lipstick will present a lively look.

Tips for Applying Lipstick

1. This situation sounds normal for girls, instead of drawing a lip line first, I use the lipstick directly, and then I find I overdraw the line.

2. To solve this problem, Sam recommends using a cotton bud to remove the lipstick, be sure to rotate the cotton bud, not just rub it off.

3. The reason for rotating the cotton bud is to prevent smudginess, which occurs commonly if you use your finger or tissue to remove the lipstick.

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