5 Best Orange Blushes

To present an energetic look, sometimes blushes are a must. If you are tired of the traditional pink shades blushes, why not try orange blushes? Instead of the sweet that pink blushes provide, orange blushes can make you look natural and glowy. This situation might happen often for girls, your skin looks dark when you wake up early for work or school, then it’s time to apply some orange blushes to let your face look more 3 dimensional. Also, this blushes is suitable for dark skin type girls. Here are 5 best orange blushes chose by StyleUp editors to recommend our readers.

Image from pinterest

Light Orange- Contour

SEPHORA Colorful Face Powders

NT 830 USD 19

For orange blushes, light orange can present a natural look and it is easy to apply for the first timer. This Sephora collection combines both blushes and contour function, which is very convenient.

(Image from Sephora)

Coral Blushes- Energetic

LANCOME Blush Subtil

NT 1400 USD 32

Coral can make you look energetic and you can combine it with darken eyebrow as the picture above. This Lancôme blushes will present an elegant look and the blush brush can do contour as well.

Image from LANCÔME

Bright Orange- A Must for Date

GIVENCHY Le Prisme Blush Powder

NT 1470 USD 50

Sometimes a bright orange blush can make your date different! Besides bright orange, this Givenchy blushes also had light pink shades in it.

Image from GIVENCHY

Deep Orange- Highlight


#515 Tangerine NT 830 USD 26

This tangerine color blush actually goes well with dark skin girls, and it can make your face look more 3 dimensional.


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