Street Style: 8 Hairstyles For Men

Aside from the fashion week, street style is also fashion editors’ favorite for its inspiration for outfit. The outfit of a model when he/she is not on the catwalk, especially for the male models, shows his/her own feature. We select 8 different styles of male models for you, which one do you like?

1. Classic Slicked Back

No words needed. The classic slicked back with wax is just handsome! It suits windbreaker jackets or casual outfit.

2. Fashionable Crew Cut

Crew cut is a bald choice but it does suit Asian and Africa male. You can handle this crew cut even if you’re not in the military!

3. Hipster Curly Hair

How about perm your hair like the 70s? You can be a fashionable hipster like the models! (The mister on the right looks like anything but street snapshot!)

4. Noticeable Platinum Dyed Hair

Some models bleach their hair and have it dyed in bright silver which is super fashionable and noticeable!

5. Untamed Long Hair

Some models grow their hair long for a untamed style that charms the girls. Their hair is even smoother than girls’! I wonder how they take care of their hair!

6. Males’ Woke-Up-Like-This Hair

The points of this hair are messy and natural! But still, you need to carefully fix it. So, book a hairstylist on StyleUp App!

7. Naive Short Straight Fringe Hair

The above-the-brow bang looks funny yet it’s many models’ favorite. This is the real fashion!

8. The Most Chic Accessory: Beard

Some models look so sexy with beard, like Robert John Downey Jr. in Iron Man, showing their irresistible charm.

Translated by Patricia L.

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