6 Best Massage Essential Oils

For modern women, stress such as a having a demanding boss, irresponsible colleague, no boyfriend or a stubborn boyfriend had always troubled them. To release the stress, having an oil massage on the weekend might be the best thing. Here are 6 best essential massage oil recommends by our editors

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1.THE BODY SHOP Thai Lemongrass Massage Oil/170ML/NT 1120/USD 20

This massage oil is from the natural beauty brand The Body Shop; the oil contains this lemongrass oil and olive oil… With the sweet and refreshing lemongrass ingredients, the oil can use as massage use and release your sore muscles. Besides this flavor, the brand also has four others flavored oils.

source:The Body Shop

2.AESOP Geranium Leaf Hydrating Body Treatment /1000 ML / NT 1020 / USD 35

Aesop, the Australian brand, which was founded at the 80’s, has this natural and antioxidant geranium leaf essential oil. The oil contains sweet almond oil, bergamot oil and graveled flower oil, which can provide a moisturizing function, especially for fry skin type. Also, the oil can be applied with cream or with milk when having a bath.



3.DR.WU Ultra Moisture Treatment Oil with Squalane /100 ML /NT 1500 /USD 49

You can fid DR.Wu’s beauty products either from Watsons or Cosmed, even though the price range for the brand is a bit high, but the post-effect of using this cosmetic medicine and the releasing aroma are definitely worth to buy. This oil combines argan oil and squalane to let your skin fully absorb and keep the skin in a hydrating condition. Moreover, the oil can also help to tighten your skin and prevent the wrinkles.



4.LADRÔME Essential Oil /10ML /NT 680 / USD 22

The French brand LadrÔm has a wide range of different flavor’s essential oils, which were all guaranteed by the EU. Remember to mix the oil with lotion and hot water before using it, and then put the mixture on a wet bath towel to apply on your skin.

source:Laura Mercier

5.FLORIDAN German Chamomile Organic Essential Oil /2G /NT 550/ Euro10.40

French brand Florihana oil uses their specific steam distillation to provide a releasing atmosphere for your skin.


6.AYUDHI Women’s Essential Oil /100ML/ NT 863/ USD 28

Besides France, Germany is also a country which is famous for aromatherapy products. This Ayudhi women’s essential oil contains Turkish rose and geranium to provide a deep skin treatment for girls.



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