Maybelline The 24k Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

The eyeshadow palette by Maybelline New York has been the best choice for stylish females since its launch. After earth-toned The Nudes, dusty-rose-toned The Blushed Nudes, and sexy blue-grey-toned The Rock Nudes, Maybelline now releases The 24k Nudes with a pure gold tone! The warm yellow colour is usually difficult to deal with; therefore, the metallic warm gold becomes the new favorite of the Fashion Weeks. For example, Jason Wu, famous fashion designer, chooses gold velvet to design luxurious gowns.

Gold is the trend!

The born of the most suitable eyeshadow palette for Asian girls!

Cool tone? Warm tone? The issue that even troubles the Taiwanese super model, I-Hua Wu?

For promoting the new tone that specially designed for Asian girls, Maybelline New York invites I-Hua Wu, the popular Taiwanese model on International fashion stage, to endorse this palette. Despite the young age, she has walked the runway at the Fashion Week from New York, Paris to Milan. Besides the needs for changing makeup for the catwalk of different brands, she’s willing to show different looks by trying various makeup. After try out varied colours, she finds that eyeshadow with cool tone is unpigmented and even blotchy on Asian girls for their yellowish undertone. Also, the cool tone makes the eyes look puffy due to the flatter facial feature with not-so-deep crease.

One eyeshadow palette, specially designed for Asian facial features, that satisfies all your need

For solving the problems that Asians might be facing when putting on their eye makeup, Maybelline releases the new shade, The 24k Nudes, with champagne gold, intense brown and earthy nude. There are 12 shades from light to deep with three different texture of matte, shimmering and glitter to not only highlight eye area but make the facial feature stand out by contouring the crease. It’s pretty simple to built the gorgeous eye makeup for Asians with a warm gold tone.

Create 13 unforgettable looks with fashionable warm gold eye makeup

In the International advertisement of I-Hua Wu, the sexy and luxurious eye makeup matches both her cool biker jacket and the gold accessories. Besides the wide grading skills on I-Hua Wu’s eyes, you can pick any two shades in the palette and even add eyeliners with a dark shade to create a simple or luxurious looks for either daily or special occasions.

By simply applying two layers, even beginners can create appealing eye makeup.

A. Apply 1 on crease as base and highlight

B. Then put 2 on the lid to create a deeper looking

You can even create a more exquisite look by the warm-gold-toned eyeshadow.

A. Apply 1 on the entire lid to crease as base

B. Put 2 on the lid to create a deeper looking

C. Put 3 near the root of lashes to make your eyes look deeper or as eyeliners

Create a supermodel looking by using multiple colours

A. Apply 1 on crease as base and highlight

B. Then put 2 on the lid to create a deeper looking

C. Grading 3 on the lid to make more layers

D. Put 4 near the root of lashes to make your eyes look deeper or as eyeliners


Who says you should only use pink colours in summer time? This easy-to-use warm gold palette allows you to become a supermodel!

Translated by Patricia L.

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