[Maybelline] Hyper Impact Liner: Finish the Eyeliner In One Stroke

The Hyper Impact Liner by Maybelline New York contains sodium hyaluronate, an effective moisturizer, which forms a protective film to help the eyeliner stick to your skin. The smudge-proof formula keeps your eyeliner stay put all day long! You can finish the eyeliner in one stroke from inner to outer corner due to its smooth and consistent pigmentation!

NEW! Maybelline Hyper Impact Liner

RRP: NT$390/1g

Cushion tip the genius technology
The flexible cushion tip perfectly fits your eyesThe pigmentation is rich and stable without inconsistency when applying

Jet black ink
A revolutionary improvement of the ink for a smoother application! The pigmented black ink instantly creates deeper eyes!

Effective moisturizer formulated
Without rubbing the fragile skin around eyes, you can feel comfortable wearing eyeliners all day!


Sweet girls can become cool!

Girls who usually dress in sweet styles can also be cool by changing the makeup! However, do you feel the eyeliner you’re using is hard to draw a sharp and straight winged eyeliner?

It’s because that usually the tips of liquid eyeliner is made up of pieces of hair which not only easily splits but also comes out unevenly when you’re drawing. Maybelline knows your needs! With the new invention, Hyper Impact Liner with cushion tips, you can easily draw a sharp upward eyeliner in one stroke!

Cushion tips of genius technology x jet black ink allows you to draw a precise line easily

The rich-black-pigmented Maybelline Hyper Impact Liner with flexible cushion tips can fit your eye perfectly which provides stability while you’re drawing. Also, you can apply eyeliner easily with the tip that evenly distributes the ink. Unlike the traditional liquid eyeliner with the problems of blurred lines due to uneven ink, you can have a rich pigmented , sharp and long-lasting line in one stroke with this liner.


Angelababy reverses her sweet image

Maybelline Hyper Impact Liner is endorsed by Angelababy who always has a sweet image. She believes that you can become a crisp and cool person as long as you put on an upward winged liner. The upward liner with jet black ink of Hyper Impact Liner on the pretty face are conflicting ideas yet it shows coolness as well as femininity. Angelababy turns her sweet image into a diva with no effort!

Translated by Patricia L.

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