Nail Trend- Pantone Greenery


Emma has eight years of experience as a nail artist and she was the guest speaker for OPI. Currently, she is the CEO of Emma Nail Style.


JNA Advanced Level

JNEC Advanced Level

DAWSON Gel Nail Examination

Girls, say goodbye to rose quartz and serenity, and say hi to Pantone greenery! The reason to choose green as the color of 2017 is because while living in a hustle and bustle modern life, green is the colors that can make us feel energetic again and connect ourselves with the natural world.

For this issue, StyleUp cooperated with OPI and Emma, who is a nail artist, to teach our readers how to do a French manicure with green as the main inspiration and adding blue and silver.

Step1/ Base Coat

Apply the base coat to protect your nails and prevent your nails to become stained yellow and dark.

OPI Infinite Shine Primer

Step2/ Geometric Patterns

Use the green and blue nail liquor to draw some simple geometric patterns on your nails.

FABY- To Diana With Love #LCE007

OPI- Bright Lime Green #L20

Step3/Silver Glitter Powder

Apply the silver glitter powder horizontally.

FABY- Meteor Shower #LCF029

Step4/ Top Coat

Lastly, apply the gel-like top coat to let your nails last longer and protect them.

OPI- Infinite Shine Top Coat (Gloss) #IST30

Translated by Zena Cheng

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