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You might think makeup artist Sam looks cool and quite, but in fact, he’s humorous and interesting guy. For this issue, StyleUp will introduce Sam’s OOTD to our readers.

If you’re a makeup lover, you might be familiar with Sam, who often cooperates with many celebrities as their makeup artist and appears on the TV show, magazine and cosmetic events.

Sam prefers a casual and simple style, which can present a fresh and stylish look. Also, he sometimes uses some accessories to match his outfit. Simple or stripes T-shirt with a bangle, watch, bracelet or a pair of sunglasses can present a stylish appearance in this summer.

Shades never go wrong with your outfit!!!

Here are some suggestions for how to select suitable sunglasses:

Round Face

NO: Round shape frame

YES: Square, cat eye and sharp shape frame

Square Face

NO: Square shape frame

YES: Round, over shape frame

Oval shaped face

NO: Sunglasses with a thin frame

YES: Almost any frame

Heart-shaped Face

NO: Aviator and sunglasses with too much decoration on the top edge

YES: Square shaped frame

The sunglasses, which Sam used:


This Spektre aviator shades can applied by both male and female, with a light stainless steel made frame and mirrored lens. The casual style goes well with sporty outfit.

{Product Information}

  • 100% Italy handmade
  • 100% UV protection
  • Aviator flat styles with silicon nose pads
  • Stainless steel


This Montana shades has a large metal made frame, which is suitable for square or round shaped faces (male and female).

{Product Information}

  • 100% Italy handmade
  • UV protection: 3 – High
  • Square shaped metal frame / metal nose pads / 70’s vintage style
  • Stainless steel
  • Includes with a stylish black case and a cloth


The 2nd version of the classical Milano collection, apart from the past unisex frame, the latest one use the metal feet to present a elegant look for round shaped face.

{Product Information}

  • 100% Italy handmade
  • UV protection: 3 – High
  • Square shaped large frame
  • Includes with a stylish black case and a cloth

Spektre is a 2009 Milan found brand, and it combines with the latest fashion trend and various design elements on their sunglasses. 100% Italy high quality handmade.
Official Website☞ http://www.spektresunglasses.asia/ (included with all the products information)

Translated by Zena Cheng

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