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For short bangs: Long or medium length hair is the safest way.

Short bangs can make you look modern and stylish, but actually it is not suitable for everyone. Since short bangs is quite different than normal bangs, so if this is your first time to try short bangs, we recommend you to maintain the same length of your hair. This method can prevent you to feel awkward cutting the fringes and you can always fix your hair by wearing a ponytail.

Having makeup is a MUST for Asian.

This is because for most Asians, their face does not have clear-cut feature as the Westerners, therefore, makeup can help your face to look more specifically. Be sure to brush your brow with heavy lines and to curl your eyelashes. If you prefer wearing a light makeup, applying some blusher at least.

 Indeed, small face fit short bangs than long face.

What kind of line should I have for my fringe and my side hair, oval line or square line? This depends on your face shape; so let your hair stylist to consider this for you. (But if you have a small face, there’s no need to worry about this since you don’t have anything need to contour on the face.) For round face to have short bangs, you really need to discuss with your hair designer in advance, considerations such as fringe volume, width etc. are all important for you.

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