2020 Shoulder Length Hairstyle: Follow the Gorgeous To Catch Up With the Trend

It’s about time for short haircut! Are you always wondering whether you should get short hair but for fear of failure? If you want to make a change on the boring long hair but not in the mood of short hair, then shoulder length hair is your best choice!

For the past few years, more and more celebrities have caught up with this trend of not-too-short hair. StyleUp collects the pictures of celebrities with this hairstyle for you to take a look!


Tseng Chih-Chiao, the recognized actress succeeds in tv programs with her advancing acting skills, posted her new hairstyle on Facebook in the mid-September last year which stunned many fans. But her new style has been highly praised by fans, saying she is like goddess.

Image credit: Tseng Chih-Chiao’s Facebook

-Shoulder length hair: this plain looks tidy and neat with femininity.

Image credit: Tseng Chih-Chiao’s Facebook

-Wavy shoulder length hair: the fluffy messy hair with part side bang makes you fashionable and adorable!

Image credit: Tseng Chih-Chiao’s Facebook

-Bun: whether you have long or short hair, the bun is always your best friend! Remember to tie it loosely to avoid looking stiff!


IU, the South Korean singer and actress, beloved by many fans with her popularity keeping increasing. She had always had the romantic wavy long hair ever since her debut. However, she surprised her fans by having her signature long hair cut and became a cute girl with short hair last year. The fans loved it and commented that she looked as young as a teenager!

Image credit: IU

Wavy shoulder length hair: IU looks sophisticated yet adorable with this hairstyle.

Image credit: IU

-Shoulder length hair with outwards curls: If you want to make your short hair more flexible, you can try this style like IU, letting your hair naturally curve outwards at the end.

Image credit: IU

-Shoulder length hair with inward curls: This style never dies. Not only does it look fashionable but it also contours your face shape.


Kim Tae Hee, who married to Rain in 2017 after long-standing relationship, has always been the most popular search term for girl with her shoulder length hair as well as her marriage.

Image credit: Kim Tae Hee

-Shoulder length hair with inward curl: This style with side parted bang, emphasizing her cold characteristic in Yong Pal, is suitable for cool girls.

Image credit: Kim Tae Hee

-Wavy shoulder length hair: It looks sexy and attractive to put on off-shoulder top with this hairstyle and show your collarbones.

This shoulder length hair between long and short hair can be flexible and easy to match with anyone. You should give it a try!

Translated by Patricia L.

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