3 Highly Recommended Blackheads Removers That Help Minimize Pores

Are you annoyed by the endless acne? Don’t worry! STYLEUP collects 3 blackheads removers that are very popular online. Wish everyone a squeaky clean face!


1. My Scheming Blackhead Acne Removal Activated Carbon Mask Set RRP: NT$399

Image credit: My Scheming Official Website

What’s in the box:

(1) Deep pore demineralized water 20ml

(2) Blackhead removal activated carbon mask 60ml

(3) Sebum clarifying Pore Treatment Essence 20ml


After clean your face, apply (1) on where desired part and massage to soften the acne.

Apply (2) and wait for 15-20 minutes, then remove the mask.

Last step, put on (3) to tighten the cleaned pore.

Only 3 steps, you can deep clean your pore. This kit, endorsed by Ella Chen, even includes the pre- and post- care for you! The step 1 for softening your skin helps increase the skin metabolism, and the step 2 for tightening your pore can hydrate your skin. No wonder this product is so highly recommended online!


2. Gel Hit Myn White 22g RRP: NT$50

Image credit: Gel Hit Myn White

It is said to be the must buy in Thailand! It has grown in popularity in the buying agent recently. It claims to remove any blackheads however strong they are! Is this really that effective? I can tell you from my personal experience… IT IS TRUE! My pores are so clean after using. Besides, the price is really affordable and easily to find now!


Apply this gel on desired part, then put the paper which comes with the product on it. Wait for 15-20 minutes and peel it off!


Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Blackhead 3-Step Kit RRP: NT$99

Image credit: Holika Holika

This kit by Holika Holika and the one by My Scheming are alike that are both cleaning the pores in 3 steps! But this one is even more convenient that you don’t need to use your hands to apply it on, just put on the strips step by step! However, this one has both positive and negative reviews. Anyway, you need to try it to figure it out!


After cleaning, put step 1 on your nose to soften your skin while drawing out the blackheads.

Wait for 15 minutes before you peel step 1 off, then put on step 2 and wait for another 15 minutes.

You can peel the strip away when it’s dry. Put on step 3 to finish!


These blackheads removers are fast and convenient, while there is risk of damaging your skin. If you have sensitive skin, think it thoroughly before use!

Translated by Patricia L.

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