Tourists favorite: 4 Must Buy products in Taiwanese pharmacy

When Mainland tourists visit Taiwan, they will buy some souvenirs, cosmetic or skincare products. StyleUp lists some useful and must buy products in Taiwan for tourists.If you don’t know what to buy when you visit Taiwan,you can refer the following list we recommended.  

You don’t have to worry that as a tourist cannot find products in such unfamiliar place because you can buy these recommended products at any chain pharmacy in Taiwan like Watsons or Cosmed.


1. My Beauty Diary facial Mask

Image Credit:My Beauty Diary

      Facial mask is the pride of Taiwan, mainland tourists always buy many facial masks when they visit Taiwan. There are so many kinds of facial masks in Taiwan that makes people confused and don’t know how to choose the right facial mask. If you have this same problem, then buy My Beauty Diary. It’s good both as a gift and for personal use and you will not feel regret definitely.

One of the reason why My Beauty Diary is so popular is that it is bargain. What’s more, Cosmed always hold an event that is buy one and get one free, and the price is really low, therefore, if you use it every day, you don’t feel you are wasting. Most important, My Beauty Diary launch many kinds of facial mask including whitening and moisturising one. No wonder mainland tourists always buy a lots when they visit Taiwan.

2.Kuang Yuan Liang(KYL)

Do not deny it effect by the appearance, just like the slogan said ’’Natural, Pure, Amiable.” Kuang Yuan Liang does not have shinning packaging but it has good quality. Do not sell it short!

Luffas of Kuang Yuan Liang had kept close tabs on when it was planted. Kuang Yuan Liang pay attention on every step and do not allow any errors occur. Their most popular product is luffa water which with moisture and fresh, making the skin smooth and moisture. You can use it after you get sunburn because it will restore your skin. More, the price of Kuang Yuan Liang is such a good deal. Thus,it is the thing that you have to buy if you visit Taiwan definitely.

Image Credit:KYL(Kuang Yuan Liang)


3.Sofina Primavista Ange 25ml/350$

Image Credit:Sofina

Sofina Primavista Ange is a pre-makeup cream that have been out of stock in Taiwan.You can tell how amazing Sofina Primavista Ange is because even the Taiwanese are crazy about it. With the exclusive patent oil control technology of Kao, the feature of this product is that it will not make your makeup come off easily and it is really practical because  it is not only with the brightening effect, but also with the sunburn protection. Furthermore,the price is affordable and it can be used for a long time. It is one of the cosmetics have to buy when mainland tourists visit Taiwan.

4. My Scheming-Blackhead Removal Activated Carbon 3 Steps Mask Set NT.$399

Blackhead is a nightmare for everyone. No matter which country they are from, people want to remove blackhead and they want a clean pore. My Scheming is as popular as The Beauty Diary. My Scheming is famous for its’ black facial mask,however, we would like to recommend you is  the Blackhead Removal Activated Carbon Mask which is endorsing by Ella. You can clean your pores just in three steps by using it. This product will take care of your skin whenever you use it.To tell you the truth, I was shocked by a tourist who bought the product more than ten,taking all the products on the shelf, but that also means it is very effective.     

Image Credit:My Scheming


When you come to visit Taiwan, besides eating Taiwanese food and buying pineapple cake, don’t forget to buy those recommended products as mentioned above.

Translated by Lilian Yang

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